Apple Will Surprise Us All with ‘One More Thing’ at Its Fall 2019 Keynote

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If Apple special announcement events are known for anything, it’s the famous “one more thing” coined by late cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs.

While not every Apple keynote has a “one more thing,” one of the most accurate Apple leakers to date may have just confirmed that this year’s iPhone event will feature a surprise announcement.

The Leak (and Its Accuracy)

The leak comes from Twitter user CoinX, who posted a simple tweet quoting Steve Jobs’ iconic “but there’s one more thing” phrase. While rather cryptic, it likely refers to Apple’s upcoming By Innovation Only event based on the timing of the tweet.

CoinX did not offer any additional details or sourcing for the leak. But it’s worth noting that the Twitter user has been extremely accurate in the past.

Some of CoinX’s predictions that turned out to be true include the exact naming scheme of the iPhone XS lineup; the removal of the headphone jack on the 2018 iPad Pro; the existence of an iPad mini and iPad Air refresh; among other products.

It’s also wroth noting that the now-expected “Pro” moniker for this year’s iPhone lineup originated from the same account.

What Will Apple Surprise Us with?

While Apple may surprise fans with a “one more thing” this year, it isn’t clear what the special announcement could entail. There are some likely possibilities, however.

One possibility is a rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh with an all-new design and scissor-switch keyboard. That device seems worthy of a “one more thing,” but Apple’s September event is typically focused on iPhones and Apple Watches — so an announcement at an October keynote seems more likely.

Apple could also announce some special iPhone feature, HomePod updates or a pair of premium over-ear headphones. But HomePod and StudioPods don’t seem important enough for a “one more thing.” Neither do this year’s incremental iPhone updates.

That leaves the option that would make the most sense, but is admittedly a bit of a stretch due to the lack of rumors. (Alternatively, Apple may have done an excellent job keeping information from leaking.)

Apple is rumored to be developing a first-party pair of augmented- or -mixed reality glasses. That AR headset has popped up again and again in Apple rumors, but has remained relatively elusive as far as exact details and announcement timeline.

It isn’t clear whether the device will be a standalone headset with its own operating system or an accessory for an existing product. The latest rumors suggest a release date sometime in 2020 at the earliest, which could line up with a teaser this year.

But recently, a slew of references found in iOS 13’s code hinted that the glasses may be arriving sooner than expected. Similarly, there may be clues pointing toward an AR focus in Apple’s media invites. The very “By Innovation Only” title suggests that something big is on the way.

In any case, we only have to wait until next week to find out. Apple’s fall keynote will take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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