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Push Notifications

Subscribing to iDrop News Push Notifications.

To turn on push notifications for iDrop News, locate the “bell” icon in the bottom right of the browser.


The Easy Way

The easiest way to turn off iDrop News push notifications is by using the on-page “bell” icon located on the bottom right corner of the browser window.

Click the “bell” icon and select “unsubscribe”. You will no longer receive push notifications from iDrop News.


Turning off push notifications in Google Chrome:

Step 1) Click the options” Chrome menu button in the top right-hand corner of the browser and then navigate to settings near the bottom of the dropdown.

Step 2) Once on the settings page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Show advanced settings…”

Step 3) Go to the “Privacy” section and click the “Content settings…” button.

Step 4) In “Content settings”, click the “Mange exceptions…” button.

Step 5) From here, you can select the website which you intend to turn off notifications for.

You can either select “Block” behavior to turn off notifications indefinitely or click the “X” to nullify any push notification behavior with the selected website.

The “Allow” behavior lets the selected website send you notifications.


Turning off push notifications in Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1) Go to the Firefox menu firefox-menu located in the top-right of the browser.

Then select “Options”.
Step 2) In the left menu, select “Content” and then click the “Choose….” button under Notifications.Step 3) On the Notification Permissions panel, select the website and then click “Remove Site”. Websites will ask you again if you would like push notifications. Be sure to choose block if you do not want to receive push notifications.


Turning off push notifications on Desktop Mac OS – Safari:

Step 1) Expand the “Apple Menu” apple-menu-icon icon, located on the top left of the desktop. Select “System Preferences”.

Then select “Notifications”.

Step 2) Within the “In Notification Center” menu, choose which site to modify notification settings for.

Step 3) For “alert style”, choose “None”. Also, deselect both “Show notifications on lock screen” and deselect “Show in Notification Center”. You will no longer receive push notifications from the selected website.


Turning off push notifications for Android – Google Chrome:

Step 1) Open the Chrome App.

Step 2) Go to the website you want to modify push notifications for.

Step 3) Left of the Address Bar, tap the “lock” icon.

Step 4) Next to “Notifications”, tap the down arrow and select either “Allow” or “Block”.