Meet The Team

Elijah Waeterling is the Editor for iDrop News. He attended Bowling Green State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication  […]

Valerie received her undergraduate in Business Administration at the University of San Francisco and her graduate degree in Communication at  […]

Rex Chamberlain 
Contributing Author

Rex is an attorney from Nashville, Tennessee and has been enamored with Apple ever since the iMac G3. He has been an iPhone user since […]

An East Coast transplant living in SoCal, Austin has a passion for Apple technology, tips and tricks, patents, and apps.  […]

Tyler Toner 
Contributing Author

Tyler is a man of many passions, one of them being Apple products and services. Tyler attended the University of Colorado, where he received  […]

Troy Thompson 
Contributing Author

Troy is a graduate of CSU San Marcos, and a die-hard Apple fanatic. An aspiring author, you’ll often find him reading, writing or playing on his iPad Pro, and […]

Alice Bonasio 
Contributing Author

VR tech writer for Wired, Playboy, Quartz, Newsweek, TNW, FastCo and more. Author of VRgins: Love, Sex and Relationships in the Virtual Age.[…]

Mike Peterson 
Contributing Author

Mike Peterson is a writer and designer from San Diego. His work has appeared in numerous outlets, including the San Diego Union-Tribune and the  […]

Jonathan Lee is a freelance writer who enjoys thinking and writing about the intersection of technology, culture, and politics. A native of Queens, New York […]

Brooklyn, NYC. Journalist. Editor. Mentor. Teacher. News junkie. Previously […]

Kayla has a passion for technology and is always keen on the newest digital trends. Kayla is a writer for many different news […]

Christian’s interest in technology began as a child in Australia, when a computer caught his eye […]