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iPhone Deals

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Looking for a discount on the latest iPhone model? Thanks to Apple’s commitment to introducing new-and-improved iPhone models every year (or even at the same time, as was the case with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus), you can often find iPhone deals on older models, like the iPhone 5s. We know what you’re thinking – with bigger and better iPhones out there (the iPhone 6s Plus boasts a 5.5-inch display), why would you want the comparatively tiny 5s, with its four-inch screen? In case you haven’t heard the iPhone rumor, Apple may actually be getting ready to release an upgraded four-inch “iPhone 6c,” which means smaller iPhones are still in demand and are definitely not obsolete.

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Apple Deals

One of the best Apple deals to date came when Apple offered a discount of $50 off the Apple Watch with new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus purchases in certain stores, which was a rare move for the company, considering the fact that Apple doesn’t often offer deals or discounts on new products, unless it’s Black Friday or back-to-school time. What this limited-time Apple deal did was test the waters to see if the company could boost its Apple Watch sales, while also promoting the wearable technology as a natural companion to the iPhone. By encouraging iPhone users to purchase the Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, Apple sought to make consumers believe they would be missing the true Apple experience if they didn’t also own the Apple Watch.

With the introduction of new iPhone models and other popular Apple devices, like the Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac computers, on what seems like a regular basis, there is ample opportunity to find great Apple deals on accessories like Apple Watch bands, Mac computer stands, Apple Watch charging docks, Apple-compatible Bluetooth headphones, sleek Macbook cases, and more. Of all the helpful information we bring to consumers on iDrop News, where we are committed to empowering Apple users and helping them get the most out of their Apple experience, iPhone deals and Apple deals are probably the most valuable.

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