Apple Officially Releases iOS 11 Beta 2 to Registered Developers

Apple Officially Releases iOS 11 Beta 2 to Developers Credit: Apple
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Apple seeded the second version of its iOS 11 beta to registered developers Wednesday afternoon, just about two weeks after the operating system was first debuted at the company’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 11 beta 2 contains much needed bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements as the first beta is undeniably buggy.

Important Bug Fixes in iOS 11 Developer Beta 2

  • Using 3D Touch with data detectors (phone numbers, addresses, and so on) now works correctly.
  • Kindle books now sync as expected.
  • Facebook Messenger now launches when the Facebook app is not installed.
  • The video playback controls in Amazon Video should now work correctly.
  • Navigation bars should now look correct.
  • Tencent Video should no longer crash on launch.
  • Third-party keyboards should now work if not allowed full access.
  • The audio should no longer drop during Skype calls.
  • Migrating from your Android phone now works correctly.
  • Connection issues for Bluetooth accessories using Wireless iAP protocol are now more reliable.
  • The expanded Wi-Fi UI in Control Center now updates the network name when transitioning between networks.
  • The Bluetooth button behavior in Control Center now mirrors that of the Wi-Fi control.
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving is enabled starting with beta 2.
  • Elapsed time is now updated when touching play or pause, or when seeking during video content playback.
  • Song metadata now syncs correctly with iTunes. This includes play counts, skip counts, and associated timestamps. Smart Playlists that use these criteria, such as Recently Played, do not update. This does not affect Star Ratings or Love/Dislike.
  • In Podcasts, selecting a station with multiple episodes may navigate to a blank screen.
  • Phone app should no longer crash when a voicemail message is deleted.
  • Thumbnails in the Photos import view and Image Capture app should now appear correctly.
  • RAW+JPG photos imported using the camera connection kit are now imported in the correct format.
  • Creating a new Photos or Kaleidoscope Watch Face from the Create Watch face share option in Photos no longer exits unexpectedly.
  • AirDrop sharing of Live Photos no longer results in an error when importing to Photos.
  • Photos captured on iOS 11 now show the correct orientation on versions of macOS earlier than 10.13.
  • The Offload App feature now works for apps that are shipped with the OS.
  • Personal hotspot data usage is now included in the cellular data usage UI when the device acts as the host on T-Mobile US devices.
  • Storage graph and size information in Settings now updates correctly.
  • Siri results for Weather, Stocks, and Movies queries are now legible.
  • Switching Siri’s voice from the Settings screen no longer plays a different voice from the default voice.
  • The Lists & Notes domain implementation for non-English languages should now work in the same way as US English.

iOS 11 itself is a major update. It features a completely redesigned Control Center, a new Lock Screen, peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments via Messages, a new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, several significant improvements for Siri, Camera and Photos, and a wide range of other features. iOS 11 also marks the debut of Apple’s ARKit, a development toolkit that will allow for a wide range of augmented reality apps to be created.

Beyond these features, the new operating system is also the largest update ever to iOS on the iPad. Significant changes include a new Dock inspired by macOS, a system-wide drag and drop feature, a better App Switcher, improved Apple Pencil capabilities, and a new Files app for managing media and files on the iPad. Notably, all of the features improve the iPad lineup’s multitasking abilities — and they edge the platform even closer to becoming a viable replacement for a notebook.

iOS 11 beta 2 is currently available to registered Apple developers, either via the developer’s portal or as an over-the-air download provided the proper configuration profile is installed. Going by Apple’s previous beta timelines, a public beta version can be expected later this month.

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