Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Apple Watch Ultra 2: Which One Should You Get

Wonderlust Apple Watch Lineup
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During its Wonderlust event, Apple revealed not one but two new Apple Watches: The Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

On the outside, both models look extremely beautiful. Likewise, they’re both packed with Apple’s latest features to help you in your everyday life.

With that said, both Apple Watch models are really different from each other, and which one you should get will depend on your overall lifestyle and the things you want from your wearable. 

If you’re having trouble with choosing which one to get, here are a few things to consider.

Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Ultra 2: Battery Life

Wonderlust Apple Watch Series 9 29

One of the biggest changes between these two devices is battery life, and this is one of the first things you should consider when choosing one over the other.

For starters, the Apple Watch Series 9 features a smaller battery compared to the Ultra 2. According to Apple, the Series 9 should get you up to 18 hours of battery life with a single charge and up to 36 hours with Low Power Mode on.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 can last up to 36 hours with a single charge and up to 72 hours if you’re using Low Power Mode.

As you can see, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 beats the Series 9 with twice as much battery life. This means you should be able to use the Ultra 2 for two or three days straight without having to worry about charging it, whereas you’ll probably need to charge the Series 9 at least once a day. 

Granted, if you’re always at home at night and have the chance to charge the Apple Watch every day, then the Series 9 should be more than enough for you. If you’re on the go a lot, you might prefer the battery life of the Ultra 2 instead. Either way, more battery life is never a bad thing, so the Ultra 2 handily wins this round.

Winner: Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Ultra 2: Design

Wonderlust Apple Watch Ultra 2 10

Even though both look like premium Apple devices, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 are really different when it comes to design. 

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 features a titanium body with a huge 49mm case, and it’s also 14.4mm thick. This means it’s got more room for a bigger battery and a larger display.

Speaking of the display, the Ultra 2 is also the brightest Apple Watch ever, with a display that can reach up to 3,000 nits of brightness.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 features an Action button, which you can use to trigger pretty much any app with a single press.

The Apple Watch Series 9, on the other hand, has two different sizes. You can get the 41mm case or the 45mm model. Both are smaller than the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but they still have a pretty decent size. 

While it’s not as bright, the Series 9’s display can reach up to 2,000 nits of brightness. And, of course, you won’t find an Action button on the Series 9.

It’s hard to suggest one model over the other based on design and size differences. It’s best for you to look at both models and decide which one you want.

Do you not mind having a really big display on your wrist that is also a bit heavier than the regular Apple Watch? Then, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a great choice. On the other hand, if you prefer smaller watches, the Apple Watch Series 9 is your only choice.

Winner: Tie

Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Ultra 2: Features

Wonderlust Apple Watch Series 9 33

When it comes to features, both Apple Watch models come with everything that Apple has to offer in the health department, but the Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with a couple of extra features only a select few will need.

On both Watches, you’ll find all the health features we know and love, like the heart rate monitor, the ECG app, and the Blood Oxygen app.

Additionally, thanks to the S9 chip inside both models, you also get a new feature called Double Tap, which lets you control your Apple Watch by double-tapping your index finger and your thumb. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait for this feature to launch with a future software update.

Where the Apple Watch Ultra 2 really shines is in a couple of extra features that are meant for hikers or divers. 

For instance, the Ultra 2 is water-resistant up to 100 meters, and it comes with a dive computer app to help you keep track of the water temperature, depth, and other useful data. It also comes with a Siren you can use to ask for help when you’re outdoors.

Granted, by reading those extra features, you know if you’ll need them or not. If you aren’t a diver or don’t spend much time outdoors, the Apple Watch Ultra might be overkill for you. The Series 9 has pretty much everything you need for your day-to-day life.

Winner: Tie

Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Ultra 2: Price

Wonderlust Apple Watch Series 9 Overview

The other big factor when comparing these two models is price. Neither of these watches is considered budget-friendly, but the Apple Watch Series 9 is definitely the more affordable option.

For starters, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 costs $799, which is literally the same price as the brand-new iPhone 15.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $399 for the aluminum model, and it can go up to $699 for the stainless steel model. 

However, there are a few ways to make the Apple Watch Series 9 as expensive as the Ultra 2 by changing the band and the casing and opting for the GPS + Cellular version instead of the GPS (Wi-Fi) model.

You’ll need to look at your budget and decide which Apple Watch is more convenient for you, but there’s no doubt that the Apple Watch Series 9 delivers the best bang for the buck for most people.

Winner: Apple Watch Series 9

What Will You Use Your Apple Watch For?

Wonderlust Apple Watch Ultra Diver

The biggest question you’ll need to ask yourself is what you need an Apple Watch for.

Do you need a wearable to keep track of your workouts and health habits throughout the day and check your notifications at a moment’s notice? Then, the Apple Watch Series 9 is perfect for you.

But what if you’re an outdoor person and like to go hiking, diving, and doing other extreme sports out in the open? Then, the extra features the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has will come in handy. This device was made for people who are into more extreme activities, and if you’re a person like that, you might actually need to get the Ultra 2.

Should You Update Your Apple Watch This Year?

Another thing that the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 have in common is that Apple made only a few updates this year. 

Besides the new S9 chip and a couple of extra features, both the Series 9 and Ultra 2 are pretty similar to their predecessors. 

This means that if you have an Apple Watch Series 8 or the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra, you might want to save some money and update next year, especially since, if rumors are true, the Apple Watch could be in for a big tenth-anniversary redesign.

Get the Right Apple Watch for You

Both the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 are amazing wearables, and you won’t regret choosing one over the other. 

Whether this is your first time getting an Apple Watch or you’re updating your older model, these Apple Watches have all you need to help you throughout your day. 

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