Apple Mixed Reality Headset Updates | New Customization Options + Design

Apple View ARVR Headset Concept Render Credit: AppleLe257 x Antonio De Rosa / Twitter
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2022 will be a big year for the fruit company: completing the redesigns for the Mac lineup, making one of the biggest changes to iPhone yet, and moving into their next big product category with the Apple Mixed Reality Headset. We know the headset is coming out in September-October and will change how we consume media. We also know that the design will be premium, and look as if the Apple Watch and AirPods Max were combined. But I want to discuss the product further.

Customization and Design

The Apple Watch lineup has multiple options to choose from, like the cheaper aluminum models, the more high-quality stainless steel, and even titanium. There are multiple color options to choose from – and Apple plans to extend that privilege to its new Mixed Reality Headset as well. That isn’t all.

Apple will also likely give users different options for the headset’s strap, which will be similar to the band used on the AirPods Max. This way, people won’t be uncomfortable, but can also express themselves while watching Ted Lasso or The Morning Show in the headset.

If you know Apple, you know that the Apple Watch bands are the most stunning accessories the company releases. Apple even releases seasonal editions and other special editions throughout the year. I have been told that will be the case with the new headset beginning in late 2022.

There are already talks that there could be a Product Red edition, along with other seasonal strap updates. There will be even more customization settings in the headset’s software to make sure you have it set just the way you like.

Apple’s purpose in building this device is for a luxury media-consuming experience. This cannot be achieved, according to Apple if you still have to do work as the consumer. In some earlier prototypes, Apple had a Digital Crown on the headset instead of a button. The Digital Crown was going to be the way to turn up, adjust, and power on the system. Apple removed it in later prototypes because they said you could use your voice, and Siri will do all of that for you. But now, there are multiple prototypes with the Digital Crown and button.

Apple is also not implementing a Metaverse on this device; let’s be honest, that isn’t the future that Mark Zuckerberg is making it out to be. Many people may just want to watch a soccer game on this device or look at their latest local news, not roam around in a simulated world all day.

Cost, Sales, and Conclusion

This will be one of the lightest headsets on the market but also one of the most expensive with its retail price at $1,999. Apple, for now, doesn’t expect this product to be a big hit. They only estimate that they’ll sell about one a day at each of their stores. I don’t think that’ll be the case, especially since this is the kind of device many consumers have wanted for a while now, and they may very well sell more than what they think, especially during the 2022 holiday season. To increase headset sales, Apple may very well say you’ll need the new iPhone 14, kind of like what they did with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch in 2014.

This product could perform much better than what Apple is expecting, but you will be waiting until 2025 for the next big product that will be in the same lineup as the headset, Apple Glass. Apple Glass will more than likely kill the iPhone off in about ten years, just like the iPhone killed the iPod. The iPhone is nearing its peak, just like the iPod in 2007.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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