2022 Apple Watch Series 8, SE | Will We Finally See the New Flat-Edged Design?

Flat Apple Watch Series 8 Concept Render Credit: Volva LD / Twitter
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The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world. But, unfortunately, this watch has seen only two redesigns (if you want to consider the Series 7). In 2021 there were rumors of a complete redesign for the Apple Watch Series 7, but instead, it got rounder.

Apple is one of those companies that embraces a tick-tock cycle for product updates, so this year would be a tick meaning a huge redesign is coming. It looks like in 2022, along with the complete iPhone 14 redesign, the Apple Watch Series 8 will also get a new design to push it more in line with Apple’s current design language of flat edges and sides.

Apple hasn’t changed much with the Apple Watch since the earliest redesign in 2018, alongside the release of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR series. Even that redesign was minor since all that was changed was the display to mimic the iPhone X’s new design.

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The new flat sides will be a good thing for Apple to change as the product will go hand and hand with the upcoming iPhone 14, which will be a throwback to the original flat-sided Apple device, the iPhone 4.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was seen as a minimal release since not much was new other than the color options and the much larger displays. The 2021 watch did not bring any new sensors, and maybe Apple wanted to save that for 2022 with the new design. 

It is also reported that there will be new speakers on the side of the watch that will make the sound louder. New health features could also come; this has yet to be seen.

Ming-Chi Kuo has already had multiple reports stating that Apple is looking into new health features like body temperature sensing. There are other health features such as glucose monitoring that Apple is looking into, but both of these may be unlikely.

Apple is also expected to give the Apple Watch SE a redesign this year which could see a flat-edged design and bigger displays as well as more color options.

Apple will also introduce an Apple Watch Series 8 rugged or adventure version which could also bring another size option, according to Ross Young. This new design will make the Apple Watch more stylish, and will very likely increase sales from new and even returning owners.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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