Apple Watch Series 7 Review | Is the Newest Watch from Apple Worth It?

Apple Watch Series 7 Credit: charnsitr / Shutterstock
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Pros: The Apple Watch Series 7 leads the market with an incredible new display and everything that we loved about the Apple Watch Series 6.
Cons: Battery life isn't where it should be in 2021.
Bottom Line: If you have a Series 6, I don't recommend you upgrade to the Series 7, but I encourage you to do so if you're coming from a Series 5 or older. Even with its downsides, it's a fantastic upgrade for the vast majority of users.

Considering all the rumors that were circulating, I was a little disappointed when the Apple Watch Series 7 was announced – so I decided to give it 14 days. In the end, I could have returned it if I didn’t like it, but I want to tell you all the reasons that made me keep it – and why I believe this year’s watch is not just an “S” update. For context, I ordered the 45mm Blue Aluminum case with GPS. I got the traditional Sport Band, and it feels very comfortable (just like older versions).

What I Like

Let’s talk about what’s new: the display. Look, I know this was not the design originally envisioned, but Apple has managed to deliver an immersive experience with these new 41 and 45mm sizes. Mine is the larger version, and I love it. The edges feel thinner than before, and it’s amazing how the display curves around the border.

Thanks to the 20% larger screen, there is now more usable space than ever before and we now have two redesigned watch faces that I love: Contour and Modular Duo. I personally use the first one as my primary face and really like seeing the numbers around the edge of the display, thanks to the new curved screen.

There’s another benefit to these rounded edges: they are now more comfortable to handle. I’m not saying Series 4s, 5s, or 6s are bad; it’s just that Apple perfected the experience this time around.

I also tried out the new keyboard. At first, I was a little too skeptical as I thought the keys were extremely small, but I have to say it’s far more usable than I thought. Apple did a great job with this.

Apple claims that the screen is 70% brighter in sleep mode, and to me, that makes a big difference. By now, most of you know that I’m from Spain, where the sun is very strong. So when I’m standing in the street at 2 pm, I really appreciate this extra brightness because I can actually read the time, which I could not do with my old Series 5.

I have to say that I really like this display; from the smaller bezels to the rounded edges to the brighter Always-On feature – it all adds up to what I would definitely call the best display ever for a smartwatch. I know Apple is still working on a flat-edged design for a future watch, but I wouldn’t mind owning this watch for many years.

Apple also claims that this is the most durable glass they have ever shipped in an Apple Watch. I’m not sure to what extent this means since Apple never really specifies, and I have yet to confirm that as mine has not been hit yet – and I hope it stays that way. But I still recommend AppleCare+ to avoid potential problems.

Let’s talk about the sensors inside the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Series 7 does not include any new sensors that were not already included in the Series 6, but I still think Apple did an excellent job here because most people don’t upgrade every year. So for a user coming from a Series 4 or 5, as is my case, it’s a more than decent update.

I am still fascinated by how fast technology is advancing. The Apple Watch is a tiny device, but it can take an ECG and even measure your blood oxygen levels. Overall, I think this is the best health device on the market, but I do look forward to new features like glucose and body temperature sensors.

These have all been good thoughts about the Series 7, but I do have a few negative opinions. 

What I Don’t Like

First, I want to start with the battery. More specifically, about why I think it falls short. Apple made a specific app for sleep tracking, yet their latest flagship can’t even last two days. How am I supposed to track my sleep if my watch is at a 25% charge when I wake up? It won’t last the full day. I know Apple implemented fast charging, but that’s not enough. We are almost in 2022, and the fact that the most popular smartwatch in the world can’t last two full days without its battery running out is just not acceptable.

I’m also concerned about the lack of software updates. watchOS 8 feels the same as the last two versions. I think Apple needs to revamp it and give us something new because even if the Apple Watch is a great device, it is starting to feel a little boring.

Final Thoughts

There are more things I like and dislike about the latest Apple Watch, but overall I believe it is a pretty consistent device. If you have a Series 6, I don’t recommend you upgrade to the Series 7, but I encourage you to do so if you’re coming from a Series 5 or older. Even with its downsides, it is a fantastic option for the vast majority of users.

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