Exclusive | New Apple Watch Series 8 Details Emerge + Why the Apple Watch Series 7 Didn’t Get a Redesign

Apple Watch Series 8 Concept Render iDrop News Credit: Wilson Nicklaus / iDrop News
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Look, I know some of you are disappointed in the Apple Watch Series 7. I am a bit disappointed, too. Jon Prosser, Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo, even myself, were all catastrophically wrongor that’s what you might be thinking.

So let me break it all down and explain why the Series 7 redesign did not happen, and why I believe, based on the information I have received, that the Series 8 will be everything we have been waiting for.

First of all, I would like to clarify that, if you look at it from the consumers’ perspective, we were completely wrong. We told you that a redesign was coming, and it did not come.

From our own perspective, however, we weren’t wrong. Apple changed everything just before the product launched. 

Did you notice that all the transitions at the September event were beautifully and perfectly executed, with the exception of the transitions for the Apple Watch, which were just cuts?

Or that the processor in the Series 7 is the same as last year’s?

Did you notice that Apple didn’t give a release date for the new Apple Watch?

That its price wasn’t even announced until a month after the event when preorders started rolling in?

This is not something Apple would do unless it was forced to, which is the case with the Series 7.

The main problem was that the manufacturer had difficulties producing the new display, in combination with the new case, on a large scale. They just could not do it, and they realized that too late.

Now, I want to make it clear that what I am about to tell you next is subject to change, for the obvious reason that we are a year away from a new release. If Apple can change an entire watch design in three weeks, as they did with the Series 7, they certainly can do it again in 12 months. 

Apple Watch Series 8 Leaks

Let’s start with the redesign. Apple wants to do it. Maybe not the design that was originally intended for the Series 7, if they find that mass production is impossible, but they know that a redesign is necessary at this point.

It’s been seven years since the Apple Watch was first introduced, and the Series 7 looks almost exactly like the one introduced in September 2014. So don’t worry. A redesign is coming and it’s Apple’s top priority this time around.

Series 8 Bands, Touch ID, and Battery

Next, let’s talk about what Apple wants to do with its bands. Something that hasn’t really stood out this year, is that the Apple Watch Series 7 lacks a hidden diagnostic port – and that’s no accident. Let me explain.

Apple needs to make room for the future ecosystem the company is working on, where the wristbands act as sensors that perform specific functions depending on a consumer’s needs.

The development is still at a very early stage, and there are only a few people working on it, but I am told it will happen. 

Then we have the battery life. I was told that Apple wants to improve this greatly, and great means by 60-70%, and this will supposedly allow the Apple Watch last between two and three days.

The last point is Touch ID–something that was dropped in March of this year. They plan to offer it on Series 8. Not on the Digital Crown, but on the larger side button, which makes perfect sense since it’s the button used for Apple Pay.

As always, don’t make any purchase decisions based on what I or any other leaker tells you. Nothing is proven true until Apple announces it.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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