Mysterious Rainbow Stage, Completed Apple Park Shown in New Drone Video

Apple Park Rainbow Stage Credit: Duncan Sinfield
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Apple has built a mysterious, rainbow-shaded stage in the middle of its Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California — and no one is sure what it’s for.

Back when Apple Park was being built, drone footage of the headquarter’s construction came out quite frequently. But now that the massive building is complete, those drone videos have died off.

Now, one of those drone pilots, Duncan Sinfield, is back with a new video that shows off just how stunning Apple Park really is. Even though there’s no construction progress to track, the video is still a bird’s-eye view of a rather beautiful location.

But Sinfield’s video also reveals an interesting addition to Apple Park. Namely, a massive event stage within the courtyard of the ring-shaped main building. The stage appears to have multiple rainbow arches with built-in lighting systems.

The video captured crews actively working on the stage at several points throughout the day, setting up what appears to be additional lighting and sound equipment. The company also seems to have cleared out plenty of space for hundreds of event goers.

On the other hand, what’s not apparent is what the stage is for or when construction on it began. Of course, since the actual campus is off-limits to anyone but Apple staff, it’s likely to be an employees-only event.

Apple could be hosting some type of concert for staff members, which isn’t altogether uncommon for massive Silicon Valley corporations. It’s also possible that Apple could be holding an internal awards ceremony, or it could be hosting celebrity speakers for another type of event.

Interestingly, Apple is actually closing down the Apple Park Visitor’s Center on Friday, May 17. That probably means that a company in-house event is planned for that day.

In any case, while the drone footage may be short on answers, it’s certainly still worth a watch.

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