New 4K Drone Video Shows ‘Apple Park’ After Dark

Apple Park After Dark

Image via Duncan Sinfield

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We reported in February that Apple’s new multi-billion dollar ‘spaceship-style’ Campus 2 headquarters, which has since been rechristened Apple Park, would be opening to approximately 12,000 of the company’s full-time employees by the end of April.

And while the 2.8 million square-foot, glass-encompassed main building is just about complete and ready to be occupied, some of the site’s peripheral structures are still going through their final stages of development — as landscaping and other finishing touches continue to spout up, day by day.

New 4K drone footage, however, collected by none other than Duncan Sinfield, appears to show glimpses of a magnificently well-lit Apple Park during the wee hours of the night.

The YouTube video, which can be viewed below, starts off by covering areal footage of Apple Park during the day — complete with the latest, mid-April progress on some of the 175-acre property’s peripheral structures, including its multi-story parking structure, roof-mounted solar panels, and some lush green landscaping. Most intriguing, however, is that the film ends with a few beautiful shots of Apple Park at night time, affording us an opportunity to see the 100% solar energy-powered interior of the complex and all its beautiful lights, which will apparently run 24-hours a day.

As you can see, there’s still a bit of landscaping that needs to be installed around the peripheral portions of the land, however Apple Park is still expected to open to employees this month — while several construction and landscaping projects will continue throughout the summer. And don’t forget, folks, Apple Park will also be opening to the public later on this fall, with miles of walking trails, a flagship Apple Store, and a full-service cafeteria on site — so maybe it’s time to start planning your next road trip.

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