New 4K Drone Video Recaps a Year of Apple Park Construction

New 4K Drone Video Recaps a Year of Apple Park Construction
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Progress on Cupertino’s new Apple Park campus has been well-documented by drone videographer Matthew Roberts and others. But today, Roberts uploaded a new video that stitches together previous clips and showcases the construction over the last year.

Roberts’ new video shows off the progress of construction at the site, beginning in June 2016 and ending with his most recent drone video updates in April and May of this year. The new video is separated into sections by building, so viewers can see how progress has been made on each individual feature of Apple Park, from the Steve Jobs Theater to the massive main “spaceship” building. Other parts of the video focus on Apple Park’s main tunnel, research & development facility, atrium, massive fitness center, and parking structure.

The facility has a number of innovative design features and incredible feats of architecture — the spaceship, for example, is encompassed by the world’s largest slab of curved glass. The entire facility will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy — including around 17 megawatts of roof-mounted solar panels. The grounds of Apple Park will also be lushly landscaped with over 9,000 native and drought-resistant trees. Along with a 100,000 square-foot fitness center, Apple Park will also feature about two miles of running paths for employees to explore.

Apple’s new campus was first dreamt up by Steve Jobs himself, who eventually pitched the idea to the Cupertino City Council all the way back in 2011. Since its inception as a concept, it was meant to be a place that fostered “creativity and collaboration.” Construction on the site is currently ongoing but nearing completion, and employees began moving to Apple Park last month (though the actual process of moving 12,000 people into the new campus will likely take months). Notably, the Steve Jobs Theater is slated to open later this year — perhaps in time to host the keynote for this year’s 10th anniversary iPhone. See the video below.

Apple Park Construction 4K Video:

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