Beautiful New Drone Video Shows Apple Park Near Completion

Apple-Park-Video-Near-Completion Credit: Duncan Sinfield
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Duncan Sinfield — the drone videographer made famous for his periodic publication of YouTube videos highlighting the progress of Apple Park’s development — is back with his first round of flyover footage for 2018.

In the roughly three minute video published to his YouTube channel earlier this week, Sinfield documented a number of new developments in Apple Park’s progress, including shots of the central courtyard’s expansive, budding greenery, new outdoor basketball court and employee fitness center installments, as well as the latest and most up-to-date view of Steve Jobs Theater.

Among the sprawling campus’s most noteworthy new developments is the array of budding greenery and landscaping now sprouting up around the central courtyard; which is further complemented by the newly completed main water feature just off the center of it all.

What makes this video particularly interesting relative to those past is that the majority of Apple Park’s individual construction projects have been completed — and as a result, most of the heavy machinery previously ornamenting the property has been removed, affording us a much better view of the structures and surrounding area. One of the few exceptions, you’ll note, is the thin stretch of land sandwiched between Steve Jobs Theater and the main ‘Spaceship’ building — where several pieces of construction machinery remain behind a red, fenced enclosure.

Apple Park officially opened to as many as 12,000 of the iPhone maker’s full-time employees last spring; while the Visitor Center, on site café, Apple Store and outdoor facilities opened to the public last month. February 22nd, meanwhile, marks exactly one year since Apple officially announced the development’s grand opening.

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