Woman Finds Her iPhone Unharmed After Falling 1,000-Feet from Plane

Iphone Found After Falling From Plane Credit: WHOTV
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We’ve witnessed numerous accounts in which Apple’s iPhone devices have prevailed when pitted against a range of physical or environmental extremes. From stress tests executed in the name of showcasing their impressive physical durability, to far more extreme, and warranty-voiding conditions — like the story of the iPhone X which was retrieved unscathed following an unplanned two-week sabbatical at the bottom of a river — there’s simply no shortage of evidence backing up the fact that Apple builds some mighty strong and resilient devices.

Adding to the archives of evidence this week is Ames, Iowa resident, Sarvinder Naberhaus, who reportedly dropped her iPhone while attempting to capture photos from the passenger seat of an antique airplane cruising at an altitude of about 1,000-feet, local NBC News affiliate WHO TV 13 reports.

“The wind just took it and it was gone,” Naberhaus told the station in an interview, adding that “I looked down and there were cornfields below me.”

Naberhaus recalled the pilot of the plane telling her that she would never see the device again, The Sun reports, noting that the chain of ensuing events was something of a miracle.

With the plane landed, Naberhaus and a friend with whom she was traveling set out on foot to locate the iPhone using Apple’s intuitive Find My iPhone feature. 

The app was ultimately able to pinpoint the location of Naberhaus’ device, and so the pair set out in search of it, repeatedly calling it along their way in order to follow its ringtone as a guide.

“I thought I don’t think I’m gonna find it I’m just gonna leave, maybe I should at least try ringing it one more time,” Naberhaus said, adding that “I thought I heard ringing, I’m trying to walk as quickly as I can towards the ringing sound.”

Ultimately, the pair caught up with the handset, which was “tucked in a patch of grass in a residential area,” the station noted. Interesting but unsurprisingly, and consistent with our theme, the device was found fully-functional and without so much as a scratch on it.

Looking closely at the video and photos provided exclusively by The Sun, it appears that Naberhaus may have had her iPhone housed in a “protective case” at the time of its plunge, which certainly could have played a role in its preservation. 

Still, for the handset to have fallen around 1,000 feet while incurring absolutely no form of physical damage or erosion along the way down is impressive, in itself!


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