Here’s a List of All 62 Apple Arcade Games That Will Be Available at Launch

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Apple Arcade is officially launching tomorrow, and although iOS 13.x beta testers are getting an early look on the iPhone and iPad, it doesn’t appear to be live quite yet on the tvOS 13 or macOS Catalina betas.

With early access available to both developers and public beta testers, however, one enterprising Reddit user has compiled a table listing all of the games available on Apple’s new subscription gaming service (see below).

The full list is handy as Apple’s own Arcade user interface tends to mix things up a bit by placing games in categories and other promotional spots, and doesn’t really offer a clean linear list.

However, the Redditor’s contribution goes beyond just listing the titles; they’ve also taken the time to add columns for age rating, controller support, release date, and even what languages are supported.

The list has been posted on Airtable, allowing users to search, filter, and sort the list, which also reveals that the current number of games available on the service right now is 62. Although this falls short of the “100+” that Apple had originally promised, we’re sure it’s fair to say that new titles will continue to appear quickly, and it’s not even inconceivable that Apple could actually have many more online by tomorrow. For example, in a separate list compiled on Monday, iPhone in Canada counted only 53 titles.

Game Controller Support

According to the table, it looks like the vast majority of games will work with game controllers. This is likely something that Apple has insisted on, especially considering that iOS 13 adds support for PS4 and Xbox controllers. Those few titles where game controllers aren’t supported (12 as of this writing) are really in categories where they’re either not appropriate or not needed, such as strategy, puzzle, or world-building games.

It’s also worth mentioning that the table was created based on the information found on the Apple Arcade pages for each app, so it’s only as accurate as the information Apple has published, and it’s certainly possible that some games may offer game controller compatibility without noting it in their specs (or vice versa).

Games for the Whole Family

Since Apple Arcade will be available for your whole family, it’s not surprising that Apple is focusing on delivering a good balance of content that’s appropriate for all ages. The highest age rating for games on Apple Arcade right now is 12+ and this only makes up 21 of the 62 games currently available.

The most popular age rating is 4+ (which really just means games that are not realistically playable by infants and toddlers), which covers 25 games, while the remaining 16 titles are rated 9+. In most cases, however, the ratings seem to be based more on age-appropriate playability than content, although parents of younger children can review what’s available, and features like Screen Time and “Ask to Buy” will easily allow control over what your kids can actually access, as installing an Apple Arcade game works the same way as downloading any other free app, meaning young kids will still need to request parental approval before loading up any of these games.


The Reddit user who created the table has also promised to add a compatibility column in a future update, along with keeping it up to date as new games appear.

At this point, however, this may be unnecessary, as it appears that any device running iOS 13 should be able to play any of the games on Apple Arcade, and the service as a whole simply isn’t available to older versions of iOS, meaning that you won’t even be able to get the Apple Arcade games unless you’re on iOS 13.

Apple Arcade is expected to officially launch tomorrow alongside Apple’s iOS 13 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and presumably on the Apple TV with tvOS 13. With macOS Catalina not coming until October, however, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to play Apple Arcade games on your Mac.

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