You May Be Able to Access and Play Apple Arcade Right Now (for Free)

Apple Arcade Xbox Controller Ipad Credit: James Martin / CNET
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Apple on Monday previewed a few of the upcoming titles that will launch on Apple Arcade this week. And it looks like you even may be able to play them today with a free trial.

Here are some of the titles you can expect on the $4.99-a-month service — and how you may be able to sign up for Apple Arcade right now.

Apple Arcade Preview

In a press release published today, Apple highlighted four of the 54 games that will be available when Apple Arcade launches. They include:

  • Enchanted World: A puzzle game in which players take on the role of a fairy trying to “piece back together her collapsing world.” According to Apple, it’s a metaphor for a child growing up in times of war.
  • Pattered: A casual puzzle game that lets users color and assemble intricate pieces to create larger works.
  • Overland: A post-apocalyptic adventure game that sees players drive across the U.S. while rescuing survivors and scavenging supplies in a deteriorating environment.
  • Card of Darkness: A card game “with a sensor of humor.” Players will solve card-based challenges that feature hand-drawn artwork.

While Apple didn’t mention it in its press release, the company has also made Apple Arcade available a few days early to various influencers and media outlets. In a nutshell, early reception for the $4.99-a-month game subscription appears to be strikingly positive.

Reviewers praised the unique mechanisms and visuals, while others raved about the fun gameplay and “surprisingly excellent” lineup of games at initial launch.

How to Play Apple Arcade Now

Again, Apple didn’t officially announce early access. But it also appears that a select number of users are able to sign up for and play games on Apple Arcade a few days ahead of its official launch.

That’s based on a number of tweets and other reports from users. It looks like those with early access are running one of the iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 betas.

If you’re running one of those betas, you can try signing up for Apple Arcade through the App Store. Of course, since the early access appears to be limited, your own mileage may vary.

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