Battery Explosion Utterly Destroys 2015 MacBook Pro

2015 MacBook Pro

We’ve seen several instances, over the years, in which a malfunctioning lithium-ion battery has led to a portable device exploding before its owners eyes, while still in the packaging, or even worse, while nestled in their pocket. Of course, when we use the words “exploding” and “battery” in the same sentence, what might come to mind for most of us is the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery ordeal that unfolded last summer.

The unfortunate reality, however, as seldom as it occurs, is that Li-Ion batteries are simply prone to this type of demise. From time to time, though not very often, a mobile device will succumb to a self-invoked fiery inferno — simply because it ‘just so happens’, as the result of internal glitches, manufacturing defects, or simply because the battery, itself, is just worn out.

Take today’s scenario, for example, in which we see the charred after-effects of a 2015 MacBook Pro — after its owner, Daniel Dourvaris, reportedly endured the unthinkable.

In a post titled ‘My 2015 MacBook Pro Retina Exploded’, which was published to the popular micro-blogging site, Medium, Dourvaris tells us in vivid detail — with photos to substantiate his claims — about how his 2015 Retina display-equipped machine began showing off some questionable behavior while he was simply laying in bed browsing the internet one afternoon.

He explains that his machine suddenly powered down; but, once he turned it back on, it began emitting a “hissing” sound, followed by the spontaneous emergence of what he alleges was “white smoke and thin flames” emanating from the machine’s bottom side. 

“I got up and ran with the laptop for the bathroom where I could put it on the ceramic tiles,” Dourvaris claims, adding that within a matter of just seconds “the heat from the bottom of the laptop burnt my middle and ring fingers so badly I had to let it drop.” 

At that time, Dourvaris alleges he began hearing the hissing sound coming from the unit, as he slowly backed away from the area, and then — bang — the bottom of the unit “popped off,” which resulted in even more smoke billowing out from the device’s under area.

See the charred MacBook Pro remains below.

Dourvaris’ “entire house” became filled with thick smoke, so he says, which was “so acidic” it began to make his eyes water. He said that after all the flames had been extinguished, the smoke had cleared though his windows, and after the heat had died down, the machine was fully examined to ascertain what, if anything, was able to be salvaged. Unfortunately, the dismal reality is that he’ll probably have to get a replacement.

Fortunately, even despite the fiery fiasco, Dourvaris appears to be looking on the bright side of the situation: “All I have to say is that I was lucky that I was around when the laptop caught fire.” Although these occurrences are quite rare, it’s important to note that they can happen — even as infrequently as they do. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple says about this, as the company has yet to provide comment.