Apple’s New ‘How to’ Video Series Highlights iOS 11 on iPad

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Apple on Thursday released a new series of short yet informative ‘how to’ videos focusing on tips for getting the most out of its upcoming iOS 11 software update on iPad.

As iDrop News noted in our exclusive review of Apple’s latest 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the company’s next-generation software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices will contain a bounty of new features and advancements — several of which have been designed specifically to help maximize the iPad’s user experience.

The series is comprised of six short videos — each lasting about a minute and featuring the same style/format, simple narration, and light background music. The topics are wide-ranging, and cover key iPad features including “how to harness the power of the amazing new Dock”, “how to manage and fly through your files”, “how to get more things done more quickly with multi-tasking”, “how to effortlessly scan, sign, and send a document”, “how to mark stuff up with Apple Pencil”, and “how to get the most out of your hands” — a short on how to use iOS 11’s new multitouch gestures on iPad.

Apple released iOS 11 developer beta 6 earlier this week, and as of this morning, iOS 11 public beta 5 is available to download. The final, public build of iOS 11 should be released shortly after Apple unveils its new iPhone flagships sometime next month. Check out the entire ‘how to’ series below.

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