Trade Any iPhone for a Free New iPhone 15 at Verizon?

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Verizon is offering some slamming promotions for anyone wanting an iPhone 15. The deal applies whether you’re an existing customer or not and whether you’re upgrading an existing line or adding a new one. Even better, they’re offering deals for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max versions for those wanting to experience everything iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence will have to offer.

I spent far too long on chat with, but I was able to figure out the basic nuts and bolts of the deals offered. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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First off, if you’re switching to Verizon from another carrier or upgrading your existing line, it appears that the full cost of the iPhone 15 128 GB with a trade-in is waived. The only costs are a one-time activation fee of $35 plus the monthly price of an unlimited plan if you’re not already on one. From there, the monthly cost of each model increases based on storage capacity. There is no credit check required.

iPhone 15/Pro/Pro Max Cost with Trade — New Customer or Upgrade

Here are the new customer/upgrade costs of each iPhone 15 model with the trade-in of any existing iPhone for new and existing customers. Prices do not include activation fees and monthly unlimited plan costs.

iPhone 15

  • iPhone 15 128 GB: $0/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 256 GB: $2.77/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 512 GB: $8.33/month for 36 months.

iPhone 15 Pro

  • iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB: $5/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB: $7.77/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro 512 GB: $13.33/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro 1 TB: $18.88/month for 36 months

iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB: $10/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB: $15.55/month for 36 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 TB: $21.11/month for 36 months

One interesting note for existing Verizon customers I learned is that if you’re currently under an existing promotion, you can pay off your iPhone’s balance and then do a trade to take advantage of this latest iPhone 15/Pro/Pro Max deal.

For example, I have about $300 left of monthly payments until my iPhone 13 Pro is paid in full. I’m debating on whether or not to pay the balance and trade for the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB or wait until the iPhone 16. Either way, it’s nice to have the option. If my existing iPhone was paid in full, I’d be able to get the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB for only $360 ($10/month for 36 months). The same phone from Apple is $1,199 or $49.95/month. Not bad.

It’s about three months until the likely release of the iPhone 16, which is expected to arrive sometime in September. This will likely coincide with the public release of iOS 18. If you can’t wait, check out Verizon and other carriers for aggressive promotions. With Verizon, you can take advantage of the deal both online and in-store. If you’re buying a certified pre-owned iPhone, those are only available online.

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