Will iPhone 7 Cases Fit the iPhone 7s?

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus devices might be a bit larger than their predecessors, which could complicate matters for case manufacturers, according to a new supply chain report.

That extra size entails a few extra millimeters in each dimension when compared to the current-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, according to supply chain sources cited by TechnoBuffalo. Other than the minute size differences, the two incremental “s” devices are largely expected to retain the same relative form factor as the current models — though with a new glass sandwich design. You can compare the dimensions below.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7s Size Comparison

iPhone 7138.3 mm67.1 mm7.1 mm
iPhone 7s138.44 mm67.26 mm7.21 mm
iPhone 7 Plus158.2 mm77.9 mm7.3 mm
iPhone 7s Plus158.37 mm78.1 mm7.41 mm

* Measured in millimeters.

Will iPhone 7 Cases fit the iPhone 7s?

Of course, the differences will hardly be noticeable to the average consumer. A 0.1-millimeter increase in depth, for example, is about the same size as the thickness of a sheet of printer paper. The size differences could cause problems for tightly fitting cases manufactured for the iPhone 7 lineup’s dimensions, however. While many current-generation cases will work with the new devices, it all comes down to how precisely the accessories are machined and how tightly they fit. Looser cases should fit fine, however they may block the iPhone 7s’ wireless charging capabilities.

Why Will the iPhone 7s Be Bigger Than the iPhone 7?

The reason behind the small size differences is currently unclear, but it’s likely because of extra features and functionality packed into the iPhone 7s lineup. Apple’s two incremental “s” devices are rumored to sport a new glass back panel to facilitate its other key feature: inductive wireless charging capabilities. It’s curious because Apple is usually committed to keeping its devices as minimal and thin as possible. But, with all technology, there’s always a trade off between form and function. Wireless charging, for example, presumably needs a bit extra space in addition to the glass back.

While it’s impossible to independently verify the authenticity of the report’s sources,  TechnoBuffalo’s iPhone 7s dimensions do line up exactly with a previous leak earlier this month. That report also suggested that the iPhone 7s will be slightly larger, although with a reduced camera bump. At the time, dimensions for the iPhone 7s Plus were not available.

Apple is slated to unveil its iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus devices next month, with current rumors pointing toward a Sept. 12 launch date. Judging by historical patterns, that could mean that at least some of the new devices will begin shipping to consumers on Friday, Sept. 22. In addition to the iPhone 7s incremental updates, Apple is largely expected to announce its premium iPhone 8 flagship with a revolutionary new design and features, as well as a new LTE-equipped Apple Watch and 4K Apple TV.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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