New Video Compares iPhone 7s Plus Dummy to iPhone 7 and 8

New Video Compares iPhone 7s Plus Dummy to iPhone 7 and 8
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Apple is expected to release three iPhone models this year, though sometimes it can be hard to tell. While we’ve seen plenty of news and rumors concerning the iPhone 8, there has been a lot less information about this year’s iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Well, today, we’re finally getting another look at Apple’s incremental iPhones (something that’s been rare thus far). In a newly published YouTube video, Danny Winget showed off a dummy version of the upcoming silver iPhone 7s Plus — highlighting its similarities and differences to a dummy of the iPhone 8, and perhaps more importantly, a current-generation iPhone 7.

Chief among the differences is a new glass sandwich construction, a change that Apple is rumored to make to all three devices this year in order to facilitate inductive wireless charging. Originally an iPhone 8 feature, recent reports are making it seem likely that wireless charging will also be coming to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The iPhone 7s Plus in the video features a shiny metal casing connecting the two glass halves of the device together.

Other than the glass design, the device looks very similar to the current-gen iPhone 7 Plus. It sports the same bezels, ports, buttons and features as the iPhone 7 lineup — including a physical Home button and a horizontally oriented dual-lens camera setup for the larger Plus model. The antenna band on the dummy has been hidden, however. Both devices seem to be the same relative form factor in size and shape, and the upcoming incremental phones will still have LCD displays — rather than the iPhone 8’s OLED.

Presumably, that means that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will retain Touch ID as its primary biometric authentication system — even as the flagship iPhone 8 is rumored to replace that platform with an advanced “Face ID” recognition system. Another interesting thing to point out is that, although the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 have a similarly sized display, the iPhone 8 is a much smaller device overall. That’s largely because of the stunning, nearly bezel-free design.

But while the 7s lineup might look similar to its predecessors, it’s expected to carry some unique advantages. For one, a Barclays research note suggested that all three 2017 iPhones would be equipped with Apple’s proprietary True Tone display technology. And as usual, we can expect the iPhone 7s lineup to pack some heavily upgraded internals and improved cameras, too.

All three iPhones are largely expected to be unveiled at Apple’s annual fall event — which typically takes place in September. And while the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus might be overshadowed by Apple’s “Ferrari” model, it’s probably going be a lot easier to get your hands on them than the iPhone 8.

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