iPhone 8 Plus Giveaway

iPhone 8 Plus Giveaway

We’re giving away one Gold 64GB iPhone 8 to a lucky winner this November! Enter below for your chance to win a free iPhone 8 Plus. Estimated retail value: $800 USD.

iDrop News iPhone 8 Plus Giveaway

EDIT September 12, 2017: Apple has announced this device will be named “iPhone 8” instead of “iPhone 7s”. The giveaway now reflects this change.

 iPhone 8 Plus Review

Price: $800.00
Editor's Rating:
Pros: Dual rear cameras delivers true 2x optical zoom, with a cool bokeh Portrait mode. Battery lasts longer than last year's model, and longer than iPhone 7. Water resistant. Fast. Bigger storage options include 256GB model for serious photographers.
Cons: There's no standard headphone jack: you'll have to use Lightning, or the included adapter, or go wireless. Design is showing its age, as competing phones squeeze a 5.5-inch screen into smaller, sexier bodies. And it's really expensive.
Bottom Line: The iPhone 7 Plus is the best smartphone on the market, and includes the best smart phone camera.

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