iOS 16, macOS Mammoth, watchOS 9 (and More) | Details on Apple’s New Software Updates for 2022 Revealed

iPhone 14 Concept Image Credit: AppleyPro / Twitter
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Every year, around June, Apple holds its Worldwide Developers Conference. This is where Apple shows off all of the updates it has been working on for all of its operating systems – and today I want to give you some exclusive details on what you should expect next. I’ll start with iOS since it’s the most popular of them all.

iOS 16

Usually, Apple works on a two-year cycle for software. First, there’s a redesign like what happened with iOS 14, including widgets. Then everything gets improved upon with smaller changes like in iOS 15. So I can tell you that I expect more visual changes this year than usual.

It’s been too long since Apple last updated the Lock Screen, so expect changes here. Apple wants to give it a fresh look. For example, I heard that Apple is planning to add widgets to the Lock Screen. I’m not exactly sure how, and I think it’s going to be very restrictive – but they are definitely working on it. I’ll keep you posted as I get more information. 

They are also working on a slightly different UI for the Home Screen and some new icons. Interactive widgets are also in the works, but I can’t confirm if we will see them in iOS 16. There are also plans to add new AR/VR features, but it’s unclear what those will be. 

I also hear that an improvement to the Files app is in the works, as well as some changes to Reminders, but I expect those to be very minor and probably not even mentioned.

The iPhone 14 will be one of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen and Apple wants it to be released along with an even better OS, so I think they’ll give extra effort this time.

iPadOS 16

There’s a lot to talk about in regards to iPadOS 16 because this is the update that most iPad users, myself included, have been waiting years for.

For starters, there’s something that professionals have been clamoring for for years – xCode, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro will finally be coming to the iPad. I understand these programs will only be available on M1 devices. This is great news for anyone who wants to work with these apps on the go, as an iPad is much more portable than a 16″ MacBook Pro.

This is the one update that will finally help people realize how good their iPad actually is. Earlier this year, Apple offered the iPad Pro with 8 and 16GB of RAM, and people who chose the second option literally did not notice a difference from the first, but they will soon, thanks to iPadOS 16.

I expect the same Lock Screen and Home Screen redesign as in iOS 16, and I believe some exclusive features will be added, although it’s unclear what those will be.

An AR/VR app is in the works, but I don’t expect it to be released along with iPadOS 16.

macOS Mammoth

The macOS team is working hard this year to get the most out of the new Apple Silicon the company is working on, e.g. desktop processor with 32 CPU Cores and 128 GPU cores due to launch in late 2022. So they need a powerful OS that can handle that potential. 

There is a name that would perfectly fit this description. It has been registered by Apple and could become the name this year: macOS Mammoth.

This time, it’s all about performance. Big Sur brought the redesign, Monterey brought integration between devices, changes to Safari, and other redesigns, and Mammoth, or whatever they call it, will bring performance to the table.

As I said, don’t expect a massive redesign, because that will not be the case, but there will be some minor changes to the Dock and Menu Bar, though it’s unclear if they’ll make it into the final release.

I can not tell you much more about it yet, as the team working on it is still very isolated – but as soon as I get more specific information, I’ll update you.

watchOS, tvOS, and homeOS

In terms of watchOS, I can tell you that the team is working on glucose tracking, but it’s still very early in the works, and I highly doubt we will see this next year. For watchOS 9, expect a conservative update this time around, as the Apple Watch redesign will get most of the attention.

The only thing I know about tvOS is that they are working on a “game mode” to be released along with a new Apple TV with gaming features and a remote geared towards games. Most of these games will be included in Apple Arcade, but I imagine Apple is working with major studios to bring AAA titles to a supposed Apple TV that could take advantage of the M1 Pro chip – but that’s just speculation, and I have very little information to back that up, though there’s definitely something there.

Finally, I want to touch on what homeOS is all about. This is not the first time we have seen homeOS in an Apple job posting. I do not believe they are working on a specific operating system called homeOS, and neither do my sources involved with this matter. I think they are pushing all home integrations and need more software engineers to work with third-party vendors that offer HomeKit compatible devices.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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