Apple’s Iconic Rainbow Logo Might Make a Triumphant Return on New Products

Apple Iphone Rainbow Logo Credit: MacRumors
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Apple’s iconic rainbow logo could make an unexpected return on some of the company’s products — even as early as this year.

That’s according to a “well-connected” MacRumors tipster, who cited a corporate source within Apple in California. Here’s what you should know.

Rainbow Logo Returns?

There doesn’t appear to be any specific details about the rainbow logo’s return, except that it could happen this year. Presumably, the logo could end up on a physical Apple product like a Mac or iPhone. Or it could be used in marketing or site materials.

Based on Apple’s current industrial design aesthetic, which is admittedly minimal and monochrome, it may make more sense for the rainbow logo to appear on a special edition product.

MacRumors notes that the rumor could “very well be untrue.” But the site decided to share it because the source has “longstanding connections to both Apple and related industries.”

On the other hand, there have been some vague hints over in Cupertino about a possible rainbow logo return. Back in May, Apple Park was decked out in various rainbow-themed decorations in celebration of Apple Park’s official opening and as a tribute to late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Take a look at some of the marketing material for the March 25 Apple TV keynote and you’ll notice a strikingly familiar color palette. Even the sleeve for the upcoming physical Apple Card features a rainbow-tined ombre.

In other words, there is some evidence suggesting that Apple could embrace its signature rainbow logo once again.

History of the Rainbow Logo

The Apple rainbow logo, designed by graphic designer Ron Janoff, first made its debut on the Apple II computer way back in 1977. It was, in fact, the most widely used Apple logo until it was phased out in favor of more monochrome options in 1998.

As far as why Apple chose to go with the rainbow-themed colors, there isn’t a singular answer. Partly, it was because the Apple II computer could display color images (a capability the original Apple computer lacked). Executives at the time also found the colorful logo more “accessible” than some of the other options.

Various Apple executives have also offered comments on the rainbow logo and its significance, including a recent quote from departing Apple design chief Jony Ive (in relation to the recent Apple Park rainbow-themed event).

“There is the resonance with the rainbow logo that’s been part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also a positive and joyful expression of some of our inclusion values and I think that one of the primary reasons the idea resonated so immediately and so profoundly with us was the form — the connection from an aesthetic design point of view.”

Jony Ive, 2019

Former President of Apple Products Jean-Louis Gassée also famously expanded on the logo’s significance in Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, published in 1999.

“One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn’t dream a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy,” Gassée said.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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