New Apple Card Details Leaked: Required Credit Score and More

Apple Card Credit: Apple
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Apple Cards are currently being sent out to Apple employees ahead of a broader launch this summer. And, as you may expect, some of those employee-held Apple Cards have already been leaked.

For a bit of context, Apple is holding a beta program for its Apple Card, but only for Apple employees. Just recently, some of the Apple staff members who applied for it are beginning to receive their physical cards.

One Apple employee, who is remaining anonymous due to the fact that Apple is forbidding staff members from discussing the card, leaked some details to iMore.

Here are some of the details the source leaked — including some photos of the card itself and its packaging.

Apple Card Design and Weight

As far as the packaging, the Apple Card appears to come in a clean and minimalist white sleeve. The front of the sleeve is embossed with an Apple logo, while the interior is actually rainbow-colored ombre.

iMore’s source also shared some photos of the design of the physical card. They’re interesting, but they don’t really show off any new details about it. It’s made of titanium and is extremely sparse in design.

The front only has a chip, a laser-etched Apple logo, and a name in black lettering (though iMore removed that to protect its source’s privacy). The rear has a gray strip at the bottom, with a Goldman Sachs and Mastercard logo. And that’s about it.

One new detail that may be interesting is the physical card’s weight. Apparently, it clocks in at 52 ounces or around 14.75 grams.

Credit Score and Other Details

The anonymous source also shared some details about the Apple Card application and approval process. That’s because Apple staff who participate in the beta are required to sign up for the card just like a consumer would — presumably, to test and iron out any kinks in that process.

Specifically, the source said that an Apple employee with a credit rating between 600 and 700 was approved with a credit limit of $1,000. A score of 620 to 660 is generally thought to be on the lower end of the spectrum, which explains the low credit limit.

However, the approval in general suggests that Apple and Goldman Sachs may be looking to offer credit lines to a wider range of customers than originally thought. In other words, the Apple Card may turn out to be a decent choice for iOS users who want to rebuild their credit.

Of course, because the Apple Card is still in its beta testing period, it’s not clear if the credit approval process or the initial credit limits will actually carry over to the public launch.

Apple Card Release

The Apple Card is slated for a release sometime this summer. Presumably, it’ll launch alongside iOS 12.4 — which is a minor update that appears to be focused solely on introducing software support for the card.

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