Apple Rumored to Be Developing 3 New Macs, 1 New iPad for 2018

Apple Rumored to Be Developing 3 New Macs, 1 New iPad for 2018 Credit: Louis Berger

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Apple is developing as many as three new Mac computers, each of which will feature secondary co-processors similar to the company’s custom designed T-series chip, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported this morning.

Details about the models and their specifications are incredibly scant; they were presented as a mere tidbit points towards the end of Bloomberg’s otherwise thoughtful exposé showcasing the history and capabilities of Apple’s custom designed silicon.

That said, we neither know which of Apple’s Mac lineups will be receiving a T-series co-processor upgrade — although the publication seemingly confirmed there will be at least two Mac laptops and one desktop.

Also briefly mentioned in today’s report is the existence of a new iPad model, which could debut later on this fall featuring a powerful ‘A11X’ or ‘A12X’ SoC. While the report is also lacking additional details about said iPad model, it’s worth noting that Gurman was among the first to share details about an upcoming iPad Pro, which will supposedly feature Face ID and an iPhone X-style ‘edge-to-edge’ LCD display.

What’s In a T-Series Chip?

Apple’s T-series chips, which currently include the T1 and T2, are custom CPU co-processors designed to provide users with an array of advanced features on equipped, high-end Macs.

The T1 chip, which is employed in Apple’s 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro, helps to manage various aspects of the OLED Touch Bar, Touch ID, and Secure Enclave on outfitted machines. The T2 used in Apple’s beastly iMac Pro, meanwhile, is even more powerful than the T1, and provides for a range of security, speed, and data storage capabilities on the $5,000 iMac. Click here to learn more about the T2 chip and all it can do on iMac Pro.

Which Macs Will Get One?

As we mentioned, it’s totally unclear are which Mac machines will receive the internal upgrades — however we do know of several ‘Macs in development’ from past reports, and those might give us a reasonable idea of what to expect:

Mac Pro: Last updated in 2013, though modestly refreshed last summer, Apple’s cylindrical, Xeon-powered Mac Pro is its top-of-the-line desktop offering. Rumors spanning as far back as early last year had indicated a major refresh was imminent. In fact, Apple was itself responsible for confirming its modular Mac Pro plans. And while it’s still unclear when we could actually see one, if at least one Mac desktop is getting a T-series chip this year, it’s only reasonable to assume Mac Pro is a leading contender.

Mac mini: Other potential desktop recipients include a refreshed Mac mini, which was last updated in October of 2014. Thanks to Apple’s CEO, himself, we already know a Mac mini refresh is on the way; though we’re still waiting for additional details about its specifications and design.

13-inch MacBook: Apple is rumored to be working on a new 13-inch variant of its 12-inch MacBook, too. According to a report we published early last week, the company has inked a deal in which it will acquire a sufficient supply of 13-inch LED/LCD displays for a rumored “13-inch MacBook Air killer.”

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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