Apple Likely to Launch (At Least) One Triple-Lens iPhone in 2019

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A new report is corroborating the rumor that Apple will launch at least one iPhone with a triple-lens rear camera in 2019.

Analyst Jeffrey Pu of Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting said that Apple is “likely” to launch a triple-lens iPhone in the second half of next year. Apple and Huawei — which just launched its own device with three lenses — are likely to drive industry adoption of triple-lens cameras, Pu wrote in a research note distributed last week (via Taipei Times).

Huawei recently launched its P20 Pro smartphone. It’s the first handset in the world to sport a triple-lens camera. Not to be outdone, these recent reports suggest that Apple will soon follow suit.

Yuanta Securities’ research doesn’t reveal any more details about the rumored Apple handset or its camera. But a previous Economic Daily News report hinted that it could sport a 6P lens design with 5x zoom capabilities.

A triple-lens camera would allow the rumored iPhone to feature 3x optical zoom (current Apple handsets have 2x optical zoom). Optical zoom allows for image magnification with any loss of quality.

Which iPhones Will Have Three Lenses?

Presumably, judging by Apple’s patterns in the past, the triple-lens rear camera would be set aside for the company’s higher-tier smartphones. Judging by this year’s lineup, that could mean that 2019’s so-called “iPhone X Plus” device could include the upgraded camera system. But Apple could also install the triple-lens design into its third-generation iPhone X model.

When it comes to the actual physical design of the camera system, Apple has several options. iDrop News and designer Martin Hajek previously put together a set of renders imagining what a triple-lens iPhone could look like.

Release Date

As far as this year’s iPhone lineup, other sources have ruled out the possibility of a triple-lens iPhone in 2018. In other words, we’ll likely have to wait until next year before we see any significant camera upgrades on Apple’s handset lineup.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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