Top 3 Warm Winter Accessories for Tech Geeks

Top 3 Warm Winter Accessories for Tech Geeks
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The hype over Black Friday and Cyber Monday has seemed to have calmed down and if you are among those who finished their Christmas shopping early, congratulations. But for the majority of us who specialize in procrastination, here are some iPhone and iPad accessories that could be perfect for you or that Apple geek on your gift list.

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Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Winter Pic 2Here in 2015, touch screens have become as widespread as disco was in the 70s. This poses a problem in the wintertime. If you’ve gone through the experience of being out in the freezing cold and having to take your hand out of the comfort of its cozy glove to answer a call or return a text message, then you need to check out Glider Gloves.

Sure, there are many different kinds of touch screen gloves these days, but most feature a little tip on the end of the thumb and index finger that is hardly reliable. According to their website, Glider Gloves use a Copper-based conductive yarn that is woven into the glove, which allows your electrical current to pass through the glove and interact with the touchscreen. This means that any part of your hand or fingers can interact with your phone while wearing the gloves.

Bluetooth Beanie

Winter Pic 3Similar to touchscreen gloves, there are plenty of options if you want to pick up a winter beanie that has built in headphones, but the robust features of the Rotibox BB line really set them apart. What puts this beanie at the top of my list is the focus on keeping your phone in your pocket. When you are out in the freezing cold, your mission is usually to get somewhere warm quickly, not mess around with your phone.

These beanies are Bluetooth, so there is no need for chords. Play/pause and skip buttons are built in allowing you to control your audio content by pressing the buttons on the beanie. To top it all off, they also feature a built in microphone that allows you to take calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket. A Bluetooth beanie is another way to stay warm and still conveniently interact with your iPhone.

Warm Tech Clothing

Winter Pic 4A company called SCOTTeVEST makes some of the coolest tech compatible clothing I’ve seen and their jackets in particular could be a huge convenience this winter. The jist of their clothing is that there are pockets for everything from your iPhone, keys, sunglasses and even your iPad. Many of their items even feature a RFID pocket for your wallet or other personal information that protects you from identity theft.

If part of your daily routine is walking around outside, their jackets let you leave your cumbersome purse or bag behind and get to where you are going.

Let us know if you’ve come across any other winter accessories that would go great with your iPhone or iPad and for more gift ideas check out Apple’s 2015 gift guide.

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