A Look Back to the iMac G3

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When Steve Jobs took control of Apple, we had no idea the powerhouse the company would become. Beginning in 1997, Jobs set to reinvent the company. One of the products that pushed Apple into a new era was the iMac G3.

In late 1998 the iMac G3 was released to the masses. Its features included a 14-inch CRT display, built-in stereo speakers, and a CD-ROM drive. Its most important feature proved to be the radical new design.


The iMac was an unconventional egg-shaped computer made of white and blue translucent plastic. Previous Apple computers came in the standard “beige” color, which became a thing of the past. The iMac G3 appeared to be the personal computer of the future to some, a toy to others.


Jonathan Ive is the man credited with the industrial design of the iMac G3. Little did they know, the iMac would eventually become a symbol of 90’s culture. More fun colors were added to the iMac G3’s lineup including strawberry, blueberry, lime, grape, ruby, sage, and even “flower power.”


Jonathan Ive continued his success with the iMac G3 and translated the design to the popular iBook. The iBook also had become engrained in pop-culture as it was featured in countless movies and television shows.

Elle Woods stands out from the crowd with an iBook in the movie Legally Blonde

Sadly, Steve Jobs is no longer with us. However, Ive’s reign continues. His most recent and notable designs include every iPhone edition and the Apple Watch. Apple has proven to be one of the most respected companies regarding design. We can only dream of what the team at Apple will come up with next.


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