You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone for the Camera

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I was recently talking with my mom about upgrading our family’s smartphones. We’ve been using iPhone 6s models for the past two years, and while we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our devices, extended use has caused them to slow down.

We decided it was time to upgrade, but to which model? Should we save some money and go with an iPhone 8, or get one of the latest iPhone XS or iPhone XR models? “I really want the one with the best camera,” my mom shared.

This statement got me thinking: has the iPhone become nothing more than just a simple way to take great pictures?

I’m not saying that the camera isn’t appealing. The iPhone XS has dual 12MP wide-angle and telephoto sensors that take stunning hi-res photos. But there are more important reasons to purchase an iPhone over its competition. An iPhone is so much more than just a high-quality smartphone camera.

The user interface is easy to use.

My parents aren’t exactly tech-savvy people, but I had no hesitation in suggesting they get iPhones. There’s no confusion when you use an iPhone — everything is intuitive. Apple designed the UX to be as user-friendly as possible, which is part of the product’s appeal.

But for the seasoned smartphone user, there’s more than just the basics. Each iteration of iOS has a variety of tips and tricks under the hood. These can be huge time-savers. For instance, did you know that you can long press on the spacebar to turn your keyboard into a trackpad?

iMessage creates a new way to communicate with family and friends.

Strangely enough, I didn’t have text messaging until my junior year of college, partly due to my parents’ belief that text messaging was unnecessary and costly. And after I was exposed to SMS, I wondered how I lived so long without it. It’s a channel that has revolutionized the way we communicate.

I feel the same way about iMessage. It’s added so many new and interesting ways to convey a message, like Screen Effects, Stickers, and more. App integrations with Apple Pay, Bitmoji, Spotify, and more have also brought a richer experience to text messaging.

The Photos app adds a whole new level to organizing photos.

Once a year, my family and I go on a vacation to someplace new. We always end up taking millions of photos while on our adventures, and then want to share them after the trip is over. The Photos app allows us to set up a shared folder where we can upload, like, and comment on our vacation photos.

Beyond sharing photos, I think the native Photo app does a wonderful job of organizing and categorizing photos. The Search functionality has improved drastically since it was launched with iOS 10, making it easier to find that one specific picture. The Memories feature within the app is also a fun reminder of past events or cool collections of similar photos.

Sharing and collaborating with other iPhone users is easier than ever.

When organizing an event or weekend getaway, getting everyone’s input is absolutely crucial to staying on track. Good thing iPhones make it easy to share and collaborate with features like group messaging, calendar invites, group Facetime calls, and more.

Need to collaborate on a Note? Want to share your Wi-Fi password? You can easily do these tasks between iPhones too. iOS makes it easy to share anything with other iPhone users: photos, files, music, and even contact information.

iPhones easily sync with other Apple products.

The Apple ecosystem is addicting.

In addition to my iPhone, I’m the proud owner of a MacBook Pro and an iPad mini. I really appreciate how all of my apps and information sync across all of my devices. I’ve got everything I need when I switch between social media apps on my phone and researching on my laptop. Everything clicks and creates a seamless transition between devices.

The ability to sync everything together has even piqued my interest in an Apple Watch. I didn’t think my lifestyle warranted a smartwatch, but I found myself more intrigued than ever. It’s not solely because I want a fitness tracker, but because I can easily stay connected.

The iPhone has a million great features and functionalities that take communication, collaboration, and sharing to the next level. So don’t solely buy the latest iPhone model because you want a really cool camera. Instead, consider all of the advantages an iPhone will offer you on top of quality photos.

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