Overhauled Photos App Will Intelligently Read Your Facial Expressions and Detect 4,432 Searchable Objects

Apple Releases Sixth Beta Builds of macOS Sierra and tvOS 10
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We already know about a number of the new and exciting features coming to iOS 10 — and the newly re-christened macOS Sierra —scheduled to be released to the public later on this fall.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote last Monday, company executives spent a rather substantial amount of time detailing many of the new continuity features and full-on app overhauls coming to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

And, to that end, thanks to Apple for having released the next installments of iOS and macOS beta to its community of developers last week, we’re now starting to learn more and more about the forthcoming features that were shown off on stage.

For iOS 10, as well as macOS Sierra, for instance, the Photos App has been vastly overhauled — and will bring a plethora of new features to the table, including an entirely redesigned interface, and other location-based software enhancements.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of software engineering, Craig Federighi, showed us last week what Photos newly redesigned interface will look like, and how the app will be able to determine various aspects about where your photo was taken — in accordance with advancements in GPS location services, and even the way you physically look into the camera.

According to Apple developer, Kay Yin, Photos in iOS 10 is also so intelligent, the app can recognize seven of our most commonly used facial expressions — including greed, disgust, happiness, surprised, or suspicious, among others.

“Expressions are distinguished after forming a ‘faceprint.’ These distinctions are used for searching. They are also rated and indexed for generation Memories and montages,” according to Yin.

In addition to intelligently categorizing photos based on location, expression, setting, and other attributes, the iOS 10 Photos app will also boast a unique new “Moments” feature — whereby your photos will automatically be added to a series for mini slideshows, depending on where and when the photo was taken, with who, etc.

Even better yet, a new way to search through your photos has been introduced. According to Medium, “You can search for various landmarks. For example, Photos can respond for search query of  ‘Maho’ (beach in Saint Martin), despite Photos is not programmed or trained to understand specific landmarks. Behind the scenes, Photos app first generates a generic categorization for the scene, ‘beach’, then searches through a built-in dictionary for all landmarks that has the name ‘beach’ its definition. Therefore, cleverly, despite Photos app knows nothing about  ‘Maho’  in particular, it is still able to return the right results. The same applies to nature scenes, water scenes and urban scenes.”

Apple’s Photos App for iOS 10 will also have a much deeper integration with macOS Sierra. Performing simple tasks, such as transferring photos, assigning them to categories, and sharing them via social media, have become much simpler thanks to the overhauled Photos interface.

Of course, these features won’t be available for your enjoyment until the commercial builds of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are released later on this fall. However, for those of you who simply just can’t wait that long, both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra public betas will be available to try out later on this summer. To learn more about how you can become a pioneer, visit Apple’s Public Beta Testing Program page.

What do you think about the newly redesigned Photos app for iOS 10 and macOS? Let us know in the comments!

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