You Can Get 4% Cash Back Using Your Apple Card at These Retailers in July

Apple is offering double the standard cashback rate at select partners from June 28 until July 31.
Apple Card July 2022 4 percent cash back offer Credit: Apple
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Although the Apple Card is revolutionary in many ways, its cash back offers aren’t one of them; it’s not hard to find better deals from other credit card companies. Still, Apple offers some nice deals for its Apple Card users from time to time that can be pretty great depending on your shopping preferences.

When the Apple Card launched in 2019, Apple’s cash back rates were relatively straightforward: 1% on all purchases using the physical Titanium card, 2% on purchases made using Apple Pay, and 3% on anything bought at the Apple Store as well as all App Store and iTunes purchases — even in-app purchases.

A few weeks later, Apple began adding more retailers to its 3% list, including Walgreens, Duane Reade, Uber and Uber Eats, Exxon, Mobil, Nike, Panera, and T-Mobile.

Now, Apple is offering double the standard cash back rate from selected partners from June 28 until July 31. That means you get 4% cash back on all your purchases, rather than the usual 2%.

The list of retailers includes StubHub, Petco, HotelTonight, Fandango, Yeti, J.Crew, Ray-Ban, and Crocs. Note, however, that only online purchases made using Apple Pay are eligible — either on the web or in the retailers’ respective apps.

There’s also a $3,000 cumulative spend limit that applies across all of the participating stores. This effectively caps the maximum cash back at $120, but that’s still double what you’d otherwise get. If you happen to hit the $3,000 cap, you’ll go back to the normal 2% cash back rate for any additional spending.

Now through July 31, turn what would be 2% real cash back into 4% when making a purchase in apps or on the web using Apple Card with Apple Pay at StubHub, Petco, HotelTonight, Fandango, Yeti, J.Crew, Ray-Ban, and Crocs. There’s no need to enroll. Simply double your Daily Cash.

As with most such promotions, gift cards don’t qualify in most cases. Apple’s fine print specifically “excludes purchase of gift cards at StubHub, J.Crew, Fandango, Crocs, and Petco.” The others don’t offer gift cards, at least not through their online stores.

StubHub sells tickets to concerts, sporting events, and theatrical shows, while Fandango does the same for movie tickets, and HotelTonight helps you score last-minute hotel deals. Ray-ban, J.Crew, and Crocs are popular fashion brands for sunglasses, clothing, and footwear. Petco sells pet supplies, and Yeti is known for its excellent lineup of premium coolers and travel mugs.

The Magic of Daily Cash Back

Even if the Apple Card doesn’t offer the most lucrative promotional offers, it does offer a much more compelling way to get your hands on your cash back.

While most credit cards require waiting for a whole billing cycle — or sometimes even an entire year — to get your cash back returns, Apple gives you your money immediately.

It does this by depositing whatever cash back you earn each day directly into your Apple Cash account on a daily basis. This doesn’t always happen the same day you make the purchase, as you have to wait for pending transactions to get posted to your account, but once that’s happened, the cash back typically shows up within 24 hours.

Unlike some other cash back credit cards, there’s also no minimum redemption amount. You don’t have to wait until you’ve earned $25, $50, or $100 in cash back before you can redeem your cash back. The money deposited in your Apple Cash account is yours to spend as soon as it shows up, whether that’s $0.10 from buying a hamburger or $45 from purchasing a new MacBook.

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