Watch an iPhone X Get Stabbed, Hit with a Hammer

Watch an iPhone X Get Stabbed and Hit with a Hammer
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The iPhone X has only been out for a few days, and someone has already smashed one with a hammer. And, of course, that someone is TechRax.

For the unfamiliar, TechRax is a YouTuber that has amassed a following nearly 6 million strong by destroying pristine pieces of consumer technology. His videos are pretty absurd, and range from dropping an iPhone 6s into lava to pouring the world’s strongest acid on an iPhone 7.

Of course, he couldn’t resist subjecting Apple’s latest and most expensive iPhone to the same sort of torture.

In a recent video, the YouTuber performs a series of “durability tests” on the new device, including stabbing the rear of the iPhone X with a sharp knife repeatedly — which, surprisingly, does little to scathe the rear glass back of the smartphone.

He then proceeds to drop a 3-pound hammer onto the device’s front glass screen multiple times, which results in a spiderweb of cracks pretty quickly. If that wasn’t enough, he eventually resorts to smashing the handset repeatedly with said hammer.

Suffice to say: if you want an iPhone X, but haven’t been able to get one, the following video may be hard to watch.

Apple devices aren’t TechRax’s only target. Earlier this year, the YouTuber smashed a Samsung Galaxy S8+. For the record, that device lasted a bit longer under the hammer but still ended up destroyed.

TechRax noted that the iPhone X’s front display glass seemed a little “weak.” Granted, smashing an iPhone with a hammer isn’t exactly a fair or practical way to test its durability. In another YouTube video posted by EverythingApplePro, the iPhone X actually proved to be surprisingly durable when dropped. In that testing, it proved to be more durable than its iPhone 8 stablemate.

Even if you don’t plan on dropping or taking a hammer to your shiny new iPhone, it might be smart to invest in AppleCare+ to save yourself some money if your screen does crack.

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