iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Ultimate Drop Test

Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test Hammer
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As gut-wrenching as the sheer thought may be, flagship smartphones are quite often pitted against one another in effort to determine which device is tougher and can maintain its integrity when the hammer falls (quite literally). That being said, we have a duo of YouTube videos to share with you and while we certainly recommend watching them both, you know, in the name of science. But we must warn you ahead of time they are by no means for the faint of heart, and you’re guaranteed to see some rather unsettling content. So view at your own risk, folks.

The first video is provided courtesy of YouTube sensation EverythingApplePro and is a hands-on drop test, this time featuring Apple’s gorgeous new PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S8+. As usual, our host simply drops both devices from an increasingly higher level, up to 25 feet — flat on their backs, on their sides, and facedown — complete with slow-motion replays for that extra special touch of “ugh, are you serious??” See the video below.

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Drop Test

While both devices are functional after the first drop, it should be noted that the Gorilla Glass 5 back panel ornamenting Samsung’s S8+ was nearly shattered upon first impact. Not surprising, as we all know glass has that tendency, especially over an aluminum-alloy back panel like the iPhone’s. As the height increases, however, things become a bit more interesting. First and foremost, you’ll notice that the iPhone 7 Plus’ screen becomes increasingly less responsive, while the Galaxy S8+’s screen, on the other hand, proves to be a bit more resilient against the force of repeated clashes with solid concrete. This is perhaps in part due to the extensive manufacturing process involved in creating Samsung’s longer, more durable “infinity display.”

When all is said and done, though: both displays end up cracked and distorted all over. However the clear winner of this test is Samsung’s 6.2-inch AMOLED panel on the Galaxy S8+. Aside from a clearly more mangled back panel, Sammy’s super-strong new AMOLED display ends up being far less shattered than the iPhone 7 Plus’ in the end, which is actually quite surprising. As an added bonus, check out this additional YouTube short, provided courtesy of TechRax, which shows the Galaxy S8+ being brutally tortured with both a sharp knife, and a hammer. See the video below.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Hammer and Knife Scratch Test

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