Can the iPhone 7 Survive 24 Hours in the World’s Strongest Acid?

Can the iPhone 7 Survive 24 Hours in the World’s Strongest Acid?
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What happens when you pour the world’s strongest superacid onto a brand new iPhone 7? One YouTuber put that to the test.

TechRax is a YouTube video creator who has made a living destroying pristine examples of new devices. His channel, which is 5-million subscribers strong, has featured videos of everything from pouring liquid nitrogen onto a Samsung Galaxy S7 to dropping an iPhone 6s into lava. Since the channel’s inception, the situations he places new devices in have only become increasingly more dangerous — and his latest video is no exception.

In this video, TechRax’s latest victim is a brand new, matte black iPhone 7. In the clip, he places the smartphone in a glass bowl, and pours crystalline fluoroantimonic acid onto it. The acid is a compound with a pH level of -31 — an astounding ten quadrillion times stronger than the already caustic sulfuric acid. Once he pours it onto the iPhone 7, he leaves it there over a 24-hour period. After that, he puts a few drops of hydrogen peroxide onto the device, “just to see what happens.” And if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeds to pour a generous amount of sulfuric acid onto it.

Does the iPhone 7 survive? You’ll have to see for yourself in the video below.

The interesting thing about the clip is that it is supposedly the only YouTube video that features fluoroantimonic acid. While a YouTube search does turn up similar superacid videos — TechRax’s latest clip seems to be the only one that explicitly features the compound. Leave it up to the internet’s “#1 destination for technology mayhem” to find increasingly interesting ways to destroy devices that most of us wish we had.

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