Video: Drag and Drop Also Comes to iPhone in iOS 11

Video: Drag and Drop Is Also Coming to iPhone in iOS 11
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When Apple showcased the next-generation of its mobile operating system earlier this week during the company’s WWDC 2017 keynote speech, touted was the fact that iOS 11 is poised to be one of the greatest updates for iPad users ever — incorporating a laundry list of new features that are sure to bring Apple’s tablet to the point of being a viable competitor in the worldwide PC market. Unfortunately, not all of the great new features coming soon to iPad will also be coming to iPhone — although as more and more details about the newest mobile OS out of Silicon Valley continue to emerge, app developers are slowly but surely filling us in on all the wonderful treats that Apple didn’t have time to.

Just this morning, for instance, it was revealed by iOS app developer David Schukin via his official Twitter account that Drag and Drop — one of the more universally beneficial iOS 11 features thought to be exclusive to iPad — will actually be coming to iPhone, too, although the feature will obviously work a bit differently on the smaller screen than it will on Apple’s beastly new iPad models. To get an idea of how exactly the feature will work, check out the brief demonstration clip that Schukin provided below.

How Does Drag and Drop Work?

On an iPad running iOS 11, users will be able to drag content such as photos, videos, files, documents and more from one app to the new iPad dock at the bottom of the screen, from where the content can then be retrieved and dropped seamlessly into another application — similar to how the same action can also be done on macOS and OS X computers. On an iPhone running iOS 11, however, the drag and drop function will work a bit differently. When the content is dragged to the bottom of the screen, at which point the app switcher will automatically be activated, users will be able to hover the content over all your other open apps so it can be dropped into one of them.

Keep in mind, of course, that not all forms of content will be compatible with every single app. But if you ever needed to drag a completed Word document from the new iOS 11 File folder and seamlessly attach it to an outgoing email, drag and drop for iOS 11 will offer users the most fluid ‘desktop grade’ experience of doing so — on iPad, and iPhone — when the official software update touches down later on this year.

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