4K Drone Video Shows Apple Park Near Completion

Drone Video Shows Apple Park Near Completion Ahead of Grand Opening
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Construction progress continues to be made at Apple Park as the facility gets even closer to its grand opening next month.

The progress can be seen in a new piece of drone footage shot by Matthew Roberts, a YouTuber and aerial videographer who has released several drone flyby videos showing off Apple Park in the past. It’s not entirely clear when exactly the video was recorded — but since the title calls it an April update, we can assume that it was shot fairly recent.

The footage gives a close-up view of the solar panels on the roof of Apple Park’s main donut-shaped building — and it gives another hint that the solar panel installation process on the spaceship building is basically complete. It’s been previously estimated that installation was around 80 percent done across the entire campus.

Work on the research and development facility also seems to be wrapping up, as furniture can already be seen through the building’s glass windows, and the exterior of the building looks complete as well. The large parking garage located on Tantau Avenue also seems to be nearing completion, with most of the solar panel installation appearing complete. Staircases have also been installed at the base of the main building — a necessary step before employees can move in.

Although technically opening next month, much of Apple Park’s landscaping is still incomplete, and will continue to be worked on even after employees begin moving into the new facility. As seen in the video, a lot of the prep work for the large-scale landscaping project is moving swiftly — including preparation for the pond within the spaceship’s inner circle.

Late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs originally envisioned the new campus to be a “center for creativity and collaboration,” according to a press release sent out by the company in late February. In memory of Jobs, the 120,000-square-foot auditorium where Apple will hold future keynote events will bear his name. As far when Apple Park will be finished, employees will begin occupying the facility sometime in April. The actual process of moving the over 12,000 people is likely to take over six months, even while construction on other parts of the campus continue, Apple added.
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