New 4K Drone Video Offers Sneak Peek Inside Steve Jobs Theater

New 4K Drone Video Offers Sneak Peek Inside Steve Jobs Theater
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Over the last year or so, we’ve seen just about every pre-completed aspect of Apple’s upcoming Campus 2 headquarters, aka Apple Park — from its earliest days of construction, to the near completion of internal elements including lighting and floor-to-ceiling glass appliqués. This week, however, we’re getting our first rare, up-close-and-personal time with Apple Park’s sprawling new Steve Jobs Theater, courtesy of high-quality 4K drone footage captured by YouTuber Matthew Roberts.

In his most recent flyover of Apple’s sprawling new campus, Roberts reported noticing that a few window coverings were recently removed from the Steve Jobs Theater — and so he decided to swoop in to see if he could get a better shot at what’s all going on with the exclusive, 1,000-seat auditorium that will serve as the future home for Apple’s major product announcements. See the video below.

While the removal of exterior window coverings might suggest that Apple’s construction team is getting awfully close to finishing its work on the vast, 120,000 sq. ft. underground auditorium, Robert’s drone footage, to the contrary, suggests that there’s still plenty of work to be done before the theater can officially open to spectators and members of the press this fall.

Aside from a few finishing touches that still need to be applied to the main Spaceship ring on campus, Apple Park’s other major peripheral structure, including the dedicated R&D building, appear to be on the cusp of completion.

The only thing that doesn’t appear to be moving along very quickly is the site’s landscaping, which still makes the property look very much like a barren construction site. When Apple first announced Apple Park earlier this year, the company touted how the premises of the property would essentially be blanketed in lush greens, grasses, and thousands of self-watering, indigenous trees. But clearly, from the footage, only a fraction of the landscaping work appears to have been executed so far.

Nevertheless, progress elsewhere on the property looks like it’s moving right along, and we can even see the presence of what appears to resemble some future outdoor seating arrangements.

Apple Park will officially be opening to the public later on this fall — likely around the same time Steve Jobs Theater will open as well. So now would definitely be an opportune time to start planning your future road trip to Apple Park.

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