Late Night “Motor Noises” Have Been Emanating from Apple’s Secret Lab

Late Night “Motor Noises” Have Been Emanating from Apple's Secret Lab
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Rumors of an “Apple Car” have been flooding the internet for over a year now, for good reason. The Wall Street Times originally reported last February that Tim Cook had assembled a team to develop, design, and build an Apple-branded car from the ground up.

The project, code-named “Project Titan”, now employs nearly 2,000 workers, many of them coming from Tesla, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and other auto giants. Although many people know of the project, Apple has been very good about keeping the details secret. Earlier this year, Tesla founder called the project an “open secret” in Silicon Valley.


It appears as if Apple may have been a little bit too “loud” with their secret, however. According to AppleInsider, a resident who lives near Apple’s top-secret Sunnyvale campus has complained to city officials about late-night “motor noises” coming from the property. “[Do] there have to [be] motor noises at 11:00pm at night like last night” the resident wrote. “Even with the windows closed I could still hear it.”

While not much is known about the Sunnyvale campus, city data shows that Apple occupies at least one building of the 7-building campus. Last year, Apple reportedly applied for permits to construct a “windowless repair garage” on site. The site has seen some massive renovation and construction over the past year, and AppleInsider reports that “Apple has plans to build a 10-foot security fence around the area.” Many speculate that the Sunnyvale campus is the site Apple has chosen for development and testing Project Titan.

While it’s certainly possible that the resident who issued the complaint had mistaken construction sounds for “motor noises”, rumors surrounding the project are heating back up. “People familiar with the matter” claim that the project has a “target ship date” for 2019. And although a recent report has stated that Apple has hit some “roadblocks” during development, California’s laws concerning self driving vehicles “might force Apple to unveil information” surrounding the project sooner than planned.

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