It Might Already Be Too Late to Get an iPhone 11 on Launch Day via Preorder

Iphone 11 And Iphone 11 Pro Max Credit: James Martin / CNET
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It’s preorder day for Apple’s 2019 slate of iPhones, and the Cupertino tech giant is already starting to run out of certain storage and color configurations.

Preorders began at 5 a.m. Pacific Time this morning. And as you might expect, it only took about an hour for estimated shipping dates to slip beyond launch day for many iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models. That means you may not be able to get a specific storage tier or color by launch day.

iPhone 11 Pro

For example, most configurations of the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are showing shipping dates in late September or early October. They appeared to be the first to go, which could suggest that Midnight Green may turn out to be this year’s most popular color.

In total, there are about 38 varieties of the iPhone 11 Pro available in different finishes, carriers and storage options. But it appears that launch day stock is quickly dwindling.

It does appear that available stock of the Gold variants are faring better. As of the writing of this piece, there were Gold options available for most storage tiers and carriers with an estimated shipping date of Sept. 20.

iPhone 11

Stock of the iPhone 11 appears to be doing better, depending on the color. That may be due to Apple having more iPhone 11 devices available or simply because more users are opting for the iPhone 11 Pro models.

Still, shipping estimates for certain iPhone 11 models, like the new purple and green finishes, are starting to slip as well. Seemingly less popular colors are still available for shipment on launch day.

It also looks like certain carrier-locked devices, like a purple 64GB iPhone 11 on AT&T, are also available for shipment by Sept. 20.

How to Get Your Own iPhone 11

If you have your heart set on have a specific iPhone this year, it’s recommended that you place your order as soon as possible. You can preorder the new devices on Apple’s website or via the Apple Store app.

Even then, there’s a good chance that most iPhone 11 model shipping dates will have slipped to October by the time you read this article.

If you’d still like a new iPhone on launch day, you can also try to get in line at an Apple Store or another brick-and-mortar retail location that’ll have the iPhone 11 on Friday, Sept. 20.

Be forewarned that lines could be long — typically, many consumers camp out for a day or so before launch.

Of course, if getting a new iPhone on launch day isn’t that important for you, you can always wait for your preorder to ship out. Current estimates on some of the more popular variants indicate shipment dates around early- to mid-October.

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