Lines of People Waiting for the iPhone X Are Already Massive

Lines of People Waiting for iPhone X Are Already Massive
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The iPhone X officially launches tomorrow, and customers are already lining up at Apple Stores around the globe for a chance to nab one of the premium OLED handsets.

In many cases, prospective iPhone X buyers came prepared — often with chairs, blankets and food items to hold them over until the OLED handset launches on Friday morning. And these queues aren’t done swelling: as the launch time inches closer, the lines are only going to get bigger as the day goes on.

At this point, it’s already looking like the anticipation and excitement iPhone X launch is far overshadowing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launch event — which many media outlets described as “bleak.” Some Apple Stores are already seeing hundreds more customers gathered for a shot to purchase an iPhone X than they did for its 2017 stablemates.

Some people standing in line have already been waiting for hours. According to a Twitter user in California, hopeful iPhone X purchasers already started lining up around 3 p.m. on Wednesday at the Palo Alto Apple Store location — just under two full days from the launch on Friday. And, to be fair, this line is a lot smaller than in other places.

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