Here Are the Most Important New Changes in iOS 13.2 Beta 2

13 2 Beta 2 Credit: Brandon Butch
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Apple on Thursday began seeding the second beta version of iOS 13.2 to registered developers. And like the previous beta, it has some significant new additions and features.

iOS 13.2 beta 2 comes about eight days after the previous build. And while beta 1 introduced Deep Fusion, the latest beta actually has some features that could be just as important. Here are some of the notable changes.

New Emoji Options

Back in iOS 13.1, Apple fixed around 24 problematic or incorrect emoji characters — but it didn’t add any new ones. But iOS 13.2 beta 2 introduces full support for the new slate of Unicode 12 emoji characters, which includes 59 new options in total.

That includes sloth, flamingo, waffle, falafel, butter, otter, banjo, sari and a whole lot more. Additionally, the latest iOS 13.2 beta also introduces a new emoji picker option that lets users pick the individual skin tone for each person in multi-character emojis.

New AirPods 3 Hint

In addition to new features, iOS betas sometimes contain hints at future Apple products and plans. The first iOS 13.2 beta, for example, seemingly revealed the existence of an upcoming AirPods generation with removable ear tips and some type of noise cancelation feature.

iOS 13.2 beta 2 contains another new hint at Apple’s future “AirPods 3.” Specifically, according to developer and 9to5Mac contributor Guilherme Rambo, there’s a new animation in the latest beta that “teaches” users how to change the noise cancelation option on the upcoming AirPods. That pretty much confirms noise cancelation as a feature on a future version of AirPods.

Siri Privacy Options

Arguably the most notable addition in iOS 13.2 beta 2 is a suite of new options associated with Siri privacy. In fact, you’ll be greeted with a new splash screen after you download the beta letting you know about these options.

As far as what these options are, there are a couple in the latest beta. You can now delete Siri and Dictation history (basically, all of your audio interactions with Siri) by going to Settings > Siri & Search.

Don’t want any interactions going to Siri in the first place? You can opt out of it in Settings > Privacy > Analytics and Improvements.

New ‘Rearrange Apps’

Apple has also made some changes to the way that 3D Touch and Haptic Touch work on the Home screen. That suggests that it’s slowly refining the long-press functionality after killing off 3D Touch across its 2019 handsets.

For example, 3D or Haptic touching on an app in the Home Screen will now bring up an option to delete the app. Previously, you needed to go into the Rearrange App mode and hit the X to delete apps.

Similarly, the Rearrange App mode is now called Edit Home Screen in the latest iOS beta.

Video Recording Options

Among smaller but still significant changes in iOS 13.2 beta 2, users now the ability to change the resolution and frames-per-second of video recording — right within the Camera app.

Previously, changing video resolution and FPS required that users delve into the Settings app.

To do so, users can tap the small icons located in the top-left corner of the Camera app. The resolution and FPS can actually be changed independently of one another, too. But, at this point, you’ll need to be fairly accurate with your taps to select them individually.

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