Apple Unveils a Sneak Preview of New Emoji Coming This Fall

New Emoji 2019 Credit: Apple
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New emoji are finally coming to iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches this fall. And in celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple has unveiled a sneak preview of the new emoji that we can expect to land on our devices later this year.

New emoji will be added to categories including smiley faces, activities, food, animals, and more. Here are all of the official details we have available.

2019’s New Emoji

Apple says that a significant update is coming to the “Holding Hands” emoji, allowing for advanced customization options including gender and skin tones creating 75+ unique combinations.

Apple Emoji Day Gender Holding Hands 0716191

New food items are finally coming like butter, garlic, a falafel, and a waffle.

Apple Emoji Day Food 0716191

Apple notes that a smiley face for yawning is coming, which will add some much-needed attitude to your teenager’s text messages. You can also see a one-piece bathing suit, a safety vest, as well as an orange saree.

Apple Emoji Day Yawning Face Clothes 0716191

Thanks to Apple’s proposal to the Unicode Consortium, new emoji highlighting users facing disabilities will become available. Those include a guide/service dog, wheelchairs, a hearing aid, prosthetic limbs and more.

Apple Emoji Day Disability Arm Dog 0716191

Do you like animals? Sure, you do! Get excited about new sloth, skunk, orangutan, and flamingo emoji, too.

Apple Emoji Day Animals 0716191

Apple says that all-in-all 59 exciting new emoji are coming this fall with free software updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Apple Emoji Day Activities 0716191

Learn more about the highly-anticipated, upcoming iOS 13 update here (or find out how to download and install the public beta right now).

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