Apple Fixed 24 Incorrect or Problematic Emojis in iOS 13.1

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Apple’s new iOS 13.1 update doesn’t introduce any new emojis, but it does make some significant changes to existing ones.

In total, Apple’s emoji team updated the design of 24 emoji characters in its latest software update. As pointed out by Emojipedia, many of the updates correct anatomical problems with animal emoji characters, but there are other changes, too.

iOS 13.1 Emoji Changes

One of the more notable changes is a correction of the squid emoji. Previously, the squid emoji was “upside down,” according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The “nose” on that emoji was, in fact, actually supposed to be a siphon located on the rear of the squid. That’s now been fixed.

Other anatomical corrections include the mosquito emoji, which now has six legs instead of five, and the octopus emoji, who now has suckers on its tentacles.

The mermaid emoji is now holding a trident like its merman counterpart and the abacus has a new more-historically correct orientation.

Apple also changed the tint of the cow emoji, the shading on the mouse emoji, and the color of the jigsaw puzzle piece. In the latter case, the change was likely made to avoid confusion with the Autism Speaks organization, which uses a blue puzzle piece as its logo.

As far as more minor updates, any expression emoji with a heart in it now uses the actual red heart emoji instead of a differently designed heart icon. That includes the Face Blowing a Kiss, Smiling Cat Face with Heart-Eyes, and Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes.

New Emojis

While there aren’t any new emoji in Apple’s latest software updates, the company is planning on introducing a total of 59 new characters and options later this year.

That includes characters like a sloth, flamingo, orangutan, waffle, falafel, skunk, butter, banjo, sari, and garlic emojis. It’ll also include a new yawning face and pose characters.

It isn’t clear what software update will include the new emoji, but it’s pretty likely to be a point release to iOS 13. We don’t know when the new emoji will debut, but Apple introduced its 2018 batch of emoji characters in October of that year.

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