Flaming Samsung Galaxy Phone Forces Alaska Airlines Airplane Evacuation

Evacuating Airplane Credit: Aliaksandr Bukatsich / Shutterstock
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Passengers on a flight into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport got a little bit of a surprise when they landed. Instead of an orderly departure from the plane, the passengers were rushed out after a Samsung phone erupted in flames without warning.

According to a report in The Seattle Times, a Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone caught on fire. The flight attendants quickly doused the fire with a battery containment bag which is used to extinguish a small fire caused by an electronic device.

The owner of the phone confirmed that his Galaxy A21 smartphone was charred beyond recognition. He also added that the smartphone exploded without warning and caught on fire.

The cause for this spontaneous combustion is not known, but it likely has to do with the phone’s lithium-ion battery.

The fire didn’t spread, thankfully, but the cabin was filled with smoke. There was enough smoke that the flight crew decided that an emergency evacuation was necessary. Passengers were removed quickly via inflatable slides and escorted into the terminal.

Nither the fire nor the smoke caused an injury.

There is a small but possible risk of explosion and fire in electronic devices powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Usually, but not always, there are signs to indicate that a battery is at risk for explosion. The most obvious signs are a swollen battery and excessive heat while charging or using the device. If you experience either of those symptoms, you should bring your phone in for repair immediately.

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