App Crashing Indian Character Bug Fix to Come Before iOS 11.3

App Crashing Indian Character Bug Fix to Come Before iOS 11.3 Credit: imangoss
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Apple has confirmed that it’s working on a software update to fix a glitch that’s causing some iOS and macOS devices to crash.

It appears that the Indian language (Telugu) is making some devices crash. Italian technology blog Mobile World broke the news about the dangerous new bug at the start of the week.

Many users have noticed that when they use this language or are sent documents containing it, apps begin closing down and becoming unresponsive.

According to The Verge, engineers at Apple are rushing to roll out a bug fix by spring. However, the firm hasn’t unveiled any information about the release date.

Affected Apps

It’s thought that the bug predominantly affects messaging apps, including Apple’s own iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail. The Verge reports that they’re all affected when the Indian language is used. But there are many other apps, including Skype, that haven’t been impacted by the problem.

Apple told Tom Warren, a reporter at The Verge, that users should receive an update before iO1 11.3 is made available. The latter is expected to come out in the spring.

Trouble Behind the Scenes

This news comes as Apple reports claim that the firm’s bug fix development and release cycle is going through something of a rough patch.

Bloomberg reported that because the tech giant’s programmers work so quickly to address security problems, they could end up missing hidden flaws in the code.

As a result of this, the firm will allegedly delay major releases – including a redesigned home screen and new photos app – until it addresses this problem.

Sources familiar with the situation told Bloomberg: “This change is Apple beginning to realise that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs – which previously would not have happened.”

Bloomberg explained that this is “an admission of what many customers have already come to notice”. It added: “Some Apple software has become prone to bugs and underdeveloped features.”

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