BTS, ABBA, and More Join Apple Fitness+ with Fun, Exclusive Dance Workouts for International Dance Day

Apple Fitness Dance Day Workouts 20221 Credit: Apple
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One of the great things about Apple’s Fitness+ service is how actively the company has expanded and diversified it in a very short time. Now it’s doing that again with a whole new collection of energetic workouts to celebrate next week’s International Dance Day.

Since its launch a little over a year ago, Apple Fitness+ has expanded into new Time to Walk Workouts where celebrity guests tell stories to motivate your walkabouts, a series of workouts for expectant mothers, older adults, and new moms, and a collection of artist-themed workouts. There’s even SharePlay support to let you work out with up to 32 of your friends at once.

Thanks to its tight integration with Apple Music, Fitness+ can bring top artists into the spotlight for its workout series in a way that most other fitness services can’t quite match. Now, it’s expanding that with a new series of dance workouts.

With International Dance Day coming up on April 29, Apple has announced a new “Get into a Groove with Dance” workout Collection that will not only feature music from K-pop phenom BTS but also let you choreograph your workout to the group’s iconic dance moves.

That’s not all, though. Apple has also invited pop legends ABBA and rock icons Queen to the party, so there’s something here for just about every musical taste. The Fitness+ Artist Spotlight series returned earlier this week with entire workout playlists, each dedicated to a single one of these artists.

The series dedicates an entire workout playlist to a single artist, and this week, users can dance to ABBA, sweat to BTS in a HIIT workout, or do a Strength workout to Queen.

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In addition to the workouts and playlists already on deck, Apple also plans to add new workouts featuring each artist every Monday over the next four weeks. These will be available across all workout types, including Strength, HIIT, Dance, Treadmill, Cycling, and even Yoga and Pilates.

If you’re also an Apple Music (or Apple One) subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy these Fitness+ Spotlight series playlists on their own as well, which feature “motivating, high-energy tracks” specially curated from their entire catalogs to keep you moving even when you’re not taking part in a Fitness+ workout.

International Dance Day

To commemorate International Dance Day, Apple will also be celebrating dance all week long, starting April 25.

In 2020, Apple added dance workouts to watchOS 7, and next week is the perfect time to bring that to center stage with a first-of-its-kind Artist Spotlight Dance workout set to the music of BTS.

All of the moves in the workout will be taken directly from choreography from BTS videos, which will cover songs such as Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion), Dynamite, Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey), DNA, MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix), Permission to Dance, and Life Goes On.

If BTS isn’t quite your style, LaShawn Jones will host a dance workout inspired by songs that “bring on a feeling of joy.” In contrast, Jhon Gonzalez’s dance workout will celebrate traditional and powerful rhythms from cumbia, tango, and Indian pop genres.

A new Apple Watch Activity Challenge will also reward users for completing any Dance workout of 20 minutes or more for International Dance Day on April 29. Participants will get not only the usual Fitness badge but also some animated Messages stickers to go along with it.

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