Are You a New Parent? Apple Fitness+ Now Caters to Moms (and Dads) Who’ve Just Had Babies

Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby Apple Fitness Credit: Apple / Elijah Fox
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It was nearly a year ago that Apple added new workouts for expectant mothers to its Fitness+ service, and now it’s taking the next logical step to help those who have had their babies get back into shape.

One of the great things about Apple Fitness+ is that it does an excellent job of catering to those with different needs and lifestyles, and it also does so in a way that fosters a personal connection with many of the trainers.

For instance, last year’s Workouts for Pregnancy came as one of the trainers, Betina Gozo, was beginning her pregnancy — something she had talked about quite openly in recent workouts. While Apple never pointed to a specific inspiration for the new workouts category, it’s not hard to imagine that this came from Gozo.

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Now, the Apple Fitness+ team will be helping new parents “Get back to fitness after having a baby.”

The new workout series includes seven ten-minute videos that mix up core, strength, and “Mindful Cooldown” workouts — all led by Gozo, who has since given birth to her beautiful baby girl, Aluna Rose.

Gozo is also promoting the new workouts on her Instagram page as a great way for new moms to “feel stronger and more energetic as they take on the daily demands of parenthood.”

As with other Apple Fitness+ workouts, Gozo is assisted by two other trainers that offer modifications for those who want to go a bit slower or even take it up a notch. The core workouts focus on the pelvic floor muscles, which frequently need to be restrengthened after giving birth. Gozo, who is nine months postpartum, notes that she’s still incorporating these core workouts into her daily training regimen.

The core workouts are followed by upper- and lower-body strength workouts that use bodyweight or a light dumbbell. Post-natal Mindful Cooldowns focus on stretches that also target muscles that commonly need to be loosened up following a pregnancy. As with other Mindful Cooldowns, these can be performed after the core and strength workouts or done on their own.

It’s also not just about physical activity, and Gozo makes it clear in the videos that new parents shouldn’t feel any pressure to get back to working out but should do so only when they’re ready — and they’ve gotten a go-ahead from their healthcare provider. The exercises are also suitable “no matter what type of delivery you had,” and Gozo offers tips on adjusting for different scenarios.

During the workouts, Gozo also discusses ways that new parents — not only moms but also their non-gestational partners — can look after their mental health. This includes taking time to rest, asking for and accepting help from friends and family, and taking necessary personal time. The Mindful Cooldowns also feature meditations that focus on patience and self-care.

As with other Apple Fitness+ routines, you can also work out with up to 32 of your friends via SharePlay.

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