Apple Releases 2D27 AirPods Pro Update to Fix Noise Cancellation Issues and More

AirPods Pro Credit: Fadhli Adnan / Shutterstock
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Apple this week released a new firmware version for its AirPods Pro earbuds. According to iUpdate and Reddit, the 2D27 firmware may have reduced and possibly eliminated most problems people were having with noise cancellation.

Active Noise Cancellation

The AirPods Pro launched with active noise cancellation as its headline feature. The initial ANC on the AirPods Pro was reportedly outstanding, but the quality deteriorated with each new firmware. It was so bad that Apple even pulled the firmware update after a large number of people complained about terrible noise cancellation.

Apple appears to have reversed its downward course with this latest firmware. The new 2D27 version improves active noise cancellation in an obvious way.

The AirPod’s ANC can again effectively block fan and wind noise and is almost as good as it was at launch. If you still hear popping and clicking noises, this is a hardware issue and is not due to the active noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro Sound Quality

Apple also reportedly tinkered with the sound quality, boosting the bass while narrowing the sound.

AirPod owners who like bass and bass-heavy music genres like rap and hip-hop will appreciate this firmware version.

Those who listen mostly to podcasts and audiobooks may be disappointed by the changes. Not everyone notices the changes, so take this with a grain of salt.

Apple, unfortunately, does not issue changelogs for these smaller devices, so we don’t know precisely what is different in each firmware version.

Learn how to update AirPods firmware here.

Future AirPods Updates

Apple is making several significant changes for the AirPods in iOS 14. The company is adding a new spatial audio feature that’ll mimic the surround sound you hear in the movie theaters.

You’ll hear sounds coming from the side and behind you. Best of all, it will use the accelerometer to maintain this spatial orientation even when you move your head.

Apple also is enabling automatic switching that connects the AirPods to different devices on the fly. Also, new in iOS 14 will be a smart charging feature that learns your charging patterns to optimize charging. These features will roll out later this fall alongside iOS 14.

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